11/20/2019 10:33pm

Heather Tatreau, a Teaching Assistant Professor at UNC in the Exercise and Sports Science department, demonstrates a dance position for her students in Intermediate Modern Dance Technique while teaching the choreography for 19th amendment anniversary project at the Woolen Gymnasium Dance Studio on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019.

Program purgatory: UNC dance minor approved in 2013 remains unfunded

At UNC, there are many programs for dance, from the Carolina Girls dance team to various dance clubs. However, despite being approved in 2013, UNC does not have a dance minor. Currently, dance courses count as one credit hour and are categorized at PHYA.  This lack of support and funding for a dance minor at UNC is drawing criticism from students and faculty. One professor, after lobbying for the minor through her seven years of teaching dance at UNC, is starting to wonder: "How many more years can I really wait this out?"