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Saturday November 27th

Arts & Culture

Exhibit To Open In Wilson

In the beat writers' world of the 1950s, Chapel Hill is hardly associated with San Francisco or the "angelheaded hipsters" of Allen Ginsberg. But a new exhibit sponsored by Wilson Library's Rare Books Collection is about to prove otherwise. Titled "Visions from the Underground: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, City Lights Books, and Alternative Publishing in America," this exhibit on beat poet and publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti will open today in Wilson Library.

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Merritt Helps Ring In New Year With Full Scale Southern Rock

Tift Merritt and the Carbines Cat's Cradle Thurs., Dec. 31 4 Stars Dec. 31, 2000, marked the last night that alt-country singer-songwriter Tift Merritt was officially a waitress. What a difference a year makes. With a national tour under her belt, a Lost Highway Records contract in hand and her first album, Bramble Rose, almost ready for release, Merritt had as much to celebrate on New Year's Eve as the all-ages collection of young hipsters and mature country fans populating the Cat's Cradle.

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Milo Rocks on First EP; Dreis Struggles Toward Success

Milo Even If You Knew The Language 4 Stars Textured and grungy, Milo's first independent EP sounds like grinding early 90s rock but with an attitude and maturity transcending the band's inexperience. A fresh and impressive blend of alternative and indie sounds, Milo weaves hypnotic rhythms and haunting vocals into a forceful voice. Coming from humble beginnings in Chapel Hill, Milo is a little bit of Radiohead and a lot of Pearl Jam but with a style and sound all their own.

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Lord of the Rings Captures Magic, Mystery

Lord of the Rings 5 Stars The next Star Wars Trilogy has been born. The first in a series of three films to be released over the next two years, "Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring" sets a near impossible standard to follow. Capturing all the energy and fantasy of J.R.R. Tolkien's legendary epic but never alienating viewers unfamiliar with the series, this film is both creative and enchanting.

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'Fresh Prince' Dances Way Out of Corner With 'Ali'

Ali 3 Stars Will Smith has come a long way from his days rapping the theme song to "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." In the turnaround performance of his life, Smith takes the showmanship and emotion of Muhammad Ali to the big screen. Looking deeper into his life, "Ali" shows the historical and emotional conditions that surrounded this controversial fighter who changed the face of boxing forever.

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UNC Alumnus Returns as Resident Director

Ted Shaffner has always put work before furniture. By age 28, the '97 UNC graduate already had served a two-year term as the resident directorial assistant at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C. Before that, he directed several productions in New York in the Lincoln Center's Director's Lab program, founded the Vesuche Ensemble and received the Drama League's Fall Production Program fellowship.

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All in Good Company

Mention modern art to most people and you'll get a response similar to a one-liner in the British comedy "Absolutely Fabulous:" "and what the hell is the difference between someone who chooses to paint like a child and a child's painting?"

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Brit Band Leaps Onto American Music Scene

Starsailor love is here 4 Stars Often called Britain's next big thing, alternative rock band Starsailor reached its homeland's Top 10 with its single "Alcoholic." Almost six months later the group is releasing its popular album in the States -- indeed, love is here.

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Pistols Aim For True Country Grit

Two Dollar Pistols Cat's Cradle Thursday, Dec. 13 4 Stars In the days of overcommercialized mass-marketed alterna-country, it's refreshing to find an earnest pair of cowboy boots and a six-string guitar. The antithesis of Garth Brooks and Shania Twain, the difference with the Two Dollar Pistol is that they wear their hats both on and off the stage and don't need a flashy lights show to make the audience pay attention. With authenticity on its side, the band is two-stepping its way into a much-deserved national spotlight

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Comedian Displays Photographic Flair

Altered images decorate the Union Art Gallery, familiar photographs precariously bordering on the absurd. One image is a businessman shoved into a urinal. Another is an infant running through a field, clutching an over-sized hypodermic needle flanked by youthful soccer players. This is just some of the "Surreal Photomontage Art" created by UNC junior David Townes. You might have seen him. Anyone who has been to a Chapel Hill Players show or to the Student Union front desk, where he works three days a week, knows this familiar face.

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Local Director Reinterprets Casting of 'Romeo & Juliet'

Director Heidi Jacot likes to take overlooked Shakespeare works and polish them until they shine or dust off old favorites and put them into a new context. Last March, she directed Company Carolina's rendering of "Pericles;" Jacot's latest project is a mostly male casting of "Romeo and Juliet," which opens Friday at the ArtsCenter. "I have to feel like I'm doing something new," she said.

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Dive Recommends

-"Sullivan's Travels" DVD Screwball-comedy director Preston Sturges tells the story of fictional Hollywood director John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea). Unhappy with his lighthearted smash hits, Sullivan plans to make a tragedy about the plight of the homeless, called "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" To find an authentic angle, he dresses as a bum and sets out for the heartland with a dime in his pocket. Sturges' film is a perfect mix of comedy and poignancy. Three of the best recent comedies overtly acknowledge their debt to "Sullivan" -- "Dr.

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