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Friday May 7th

Arts & Culture

IMAX Theater Features Thrilling Productions

Slowly but surely downtown Raleigh is turning into something of which to be proud. With the addition of the IMAX theater at Exploris, the area has made a tremendous step toward economic and aesthetic rejuvenation. But while the facilities might exist, their ultimate success boils down to the quality of their product. Luckily the IMAX theater's films, "The Greatest Places" and "The Mysteries of Egypt," stand strong as educational and exciting productions fit for the student, teacher and casual moviegoer alike.

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'Harry Potter' Enchants Fans, Critics Alike

It's easy to hate "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." It'd be convenient to dislike the literary phenomenon that's now become a movie giant. The bubble needs popping. But you just can't bring yourself to do it -- Harry's first movie is great. It's enchanting and as imaginative and entertaining as any movie this year. Readers and nonreaders alike would be hard-pressed to find much wrong with the film.

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Quick Dialogue, Brilliant Cast Pull Off Mamet's 'Heist'

Heist 4 Stars In the big-money world of feature films, substance often takes a back seat to style. Flashy stunts and special effects reign, and dialogue is reduced to a series of wannabe catchphrases. But somebody forget to tell this to David Mamet, writer-director of "Heist." "Heist" is the story of Joe Moore (Gene Hackman), a savvy veteran thief who's always planning one step ahead -- think Paul Newman in "The Sting." Joe is looking to leave the larceny game for good, but a local crime lord forces him to do one last job before he goes.

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Minor Details Help Chances Of Success

I am awash in a sea of publicists. Every day I get a deluge of phone calls, e-mails, faxes and press kits from publicists trying to get coverage for their bands. At the same time, I'm sending phone calls, e-mails and faxes to other publicists who don't care if The Daily Tar Heel wants an interview. That's the way it goes -- sometimes they want something from me, other times I want something from them. On good days, the relationship is mutually beneficial, but usually it devolves into a long and tedious power struggle.

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Kittie Exudes Savage Girl Rock; Cold Sides Utilize Sounds of Silence

Cold Sides Cold Sides 4 Stars Finally, a band that knows when to shut up. Bringing listeners a series of haunting experiments with resonant sounds and refreshing silence, local band Cold Sides establishes its innovative talent on its self-titled debut. Choosing to mix driving rhythms with melodic guitar interludes, the band's complex songs are minimalist. A touch of Radiohead, a stab at a darker side of Cake, the band incorporates the timeless with the experimental for a sound that's both daring and comforting.

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Malkmus' Clever Sarcasm, Charm Enthrall Audience

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Cat's Cradle Sunday, Nov. 11 4 Stars It's hard to take Stephen Malkmus too seriously. Heroin-thin and with hair in his eyes, the ex-Pavement frontman was the star of the show Sunday, but he never acted the part. Indie rock icon Malkmus was comfortable and comedic on the Cat's Cradle's stage. His signature speak-singing delivery and his Philly falsetto were in fine form, and he screeched his slacker yelp whenever he could fit it.

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Spreading the Word

Magic Dirt, Big Blue Monkey, Milkweed and Collywobblies. Rape Vaccine's had a razor blade taped to it. These bands' records and press material are in an overflowing box tucked out of the way at Sub Pop Records. This dreaded dead-end is labeled "unsolicited demos and other free stuff." Similar promotional graveyards are at most entertainment publication and performance venues, where CDs and press kits pile up.

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Dive Recommends

- Roland Orzabal, Tomcats Screaming Outside The former lead singer and songwriter of Tears For Fears returned this year with his first solo album. Boasting an energetic blend of ambitious pop, grunge and menacing ambience, Orzabal's signature production and unparalleled vocal range make this album one of his best ever. -

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Teen Queen Looks to Janet for 'Not So Innocent' Inspiration

Britney Spears Britney 3 Stars Whether anyone likes it or not, Britney Spears is an icon. Or at least she's built a career alluding to those who have reached such status. With Britney, Spears is making her play for relevance. The album is her equivalent to Like a Prayer and Janet, and the icons she emulates on it are equally powerful. Spears has recast herself using the angry sexuality of "Butterfield 8"-era Elizabeth Taylor, the media savvy of Courtney Love and a Madonna-esque mission to make her dance music say something meaningful about society.

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Tour Combs Campus for Covert Art

They number in the thousands, lurking in the corners, hanging in the shadows, just waiting for anyone to walk by -- "hidden art" pieces are all around campus, ready to be discovered. To showcase these various forms of art across campus the Carolina Union Activities Board held a tour of hidden art on Tuesday afternoon. The tour included oil paintings, charcoal works and etchings owned by the University, the artists or private donors.

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IMAX Theater to Open in Raleigh

The ear-shattering, jaw-dropping power of IMAX is coming to Raleigh. After three years of planning, Raleigh's Exploris museum, located at 201 E. Hargett St., is opening its new IMAX theater Friday. The Exploris facility is the state's second such theater and adds to the more than 225 in the world.

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Local Band Hits Road For Tour

Michael Triplett, vocalist and guitarist for local band Fin Fang Foom, stumbles out of his tour bus late one morning, complaining of the cold and tired of the road, but excited -- his band has finally broken new ground. Fin Fang Foom has had a cult following of its eclectic sound -- but the release of the band's first full length LP,Texture, Structure and the Condition of Moods, represents a major stepping stone on a path it has been travelling for a long time. The band boasts an interesting mix between psychedelic distortion and talented riffs and rhythms.

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