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Saturday July 2nd

Arts & Culture

The Final Cut: Filming at UNC

Hollywood can recreate many places on its many stages and sets. But sometimes it likes to go for the real thing -- and when it looks for the perfect college town, Chapel Hill is usually under consideration. As the state's film industry has grown to the point where it produced $250 million in revenues in 2000, both UNC's architecture and the town's friendly nature have drawn filmmaker interest. William Arnold, director of the N.C. Film Commission, said he believes the area has even more to offer besides the right look.

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Real World to Hold Open Casting Call for 12th Season

Young Triangle residents could earn the chance Saturday to stop being polite and start getting real. Directors for MTV's reality-based show "The Real World" will be holding an open casting call in Durham. The casting call will be held at Yancey's Jazz and Blues Cafe at 115 N. Duke St. from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Directors are looking for men and women aged 18-24 to join the show's 12th cast in an as-of-yet unannounced location. Filming for Season 12 will begin in February.

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"Assassins" Pits Murder Against Religious Philosophy

Our Lady of the Assassins 3 Stars "Our Lady of the Assassins" is one of those movies that falls into my oversimplified guide to foreign film viewing: if it's a French language film, it's about sex; an Italian language film, love; and a Spanish language film, violence. "Our Lady of the Assassins" is in Spanish, set in Medellin, Colombia. It is most definitely about violence. Director Barbet Schroeder has crafted a film based on the writing of Fernando Vallejo, and appropriately, the main character is a middle-aged writer named Fernando (German Jaramillo).

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Dive Recommends

"Kingdom Come," If you want to see movie about a real black family struggling to get along with God, then you have got to rent this movie. All the elements needed for a good laugh at the antics of church folk are included. Even those who can't relate to the movie's comedy can enjoy the all-star cast that includes Vivica Fox and Whoopi Goldberg. Jenise Hudson can be reached at

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The Bobs to Perform Silly Show Tonight

Their style has been labeled a mixture of Barenaked Ladies and the Manhattan Transfer, and their song titles range from "Fluffy's Master Plan for World Domination" to "There's a Nose Ring in My Soup." Who is this goofy bunch of musicians? They're the Bobs, a celebrated a cappella group touring in honor of their 20th anniversary and spooking up Carrboro tonight in the "Halloween Bobs-a-thon" at the ArtsCenter. Amy "Bob" Englehardt, the most recent addition to the Bob crew, is coy when explaining the essence of "Bob."

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College Market Tour Draws Small Crowd

Shame on the Carolina Athletic Association and Coca-Cola Company. Sure, the five bands of the College Market Tour's were unsigned and not famous, but they deserved more than the 50 people that attended. Blame the promoters, who thought a few posters on vending machines would suffice. The Blue and White game was the same night, and the CAA could have had a little more foresight.

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Bands Strive for New Music Award

Nothing brings musicians together like the chance to play in front of 22 million people. Just ask the five semifinalists of The American Music Awards Presents The Coca-Cola New Music Award -- Carbon-Leaf, Fade, Live Honey, Jennifer Marks and Yo, Flaco! The bands rolled into Memorial Hall on Thursday on the College Market Tour as excited friends rather than rivals. "I grew up in Lenoir," said emcee Big D of the eight-piece, jazz-influenced hip-hip group Yo, Flaco!, from Denver, Colo. "It's always been a dream of mine to play in Chapel Hill," he said.

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Cartoonist Changes To Author With Ease

Doug Marlette has collected an impressive list of credentials during his ever-expanding career -- acclaimed political cartoonist, UNC faculty member and best-selling author. And for Marlette these areas, while being different mediums, are based on the same basic ideas. "Kudzu" creator turned novelist Marlette and his friend and fellow author Pat Conroy brought their words -- both spoken and written -- to Carroll Hall on Sunday. Conroy, author of the best-selling novel "Beach Music," joined the cartoonist for a discussion and book signing of Marlette's debut novel, "The Bridge."

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Applesauce, Emotion Abounds in Latest Studio 2 Play

A man drowning in a vat of applesauce is the catalyst for the plot of "Mashed Peas and Broken Dreams" a Studio 2 production opening today. The death-by-applesauce plot might sound random, but, as the cast agrees, that's the point of the play. It mirrors the absurdity of real life. "I had heard of a similar accident, but I guess I got the idea from something small town that could bring a community together," said Annie Alvarez, playwright and senior drama major.

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Algonquin Books Founder's Reading Taped by C-SPAN

Former UNC professor and Algonquin Books founder Louis Rubin garnered the attention of both local residents and C-SPAN television at a book reading Thursday. Rubin read from his latest book, "An Honorable Estate: My Time in the Working Press," at the Bull's Head Bookshop. The book follows the publisher's early career as a young reporter in Virginia. Rubin said he wrote the book because he was curious about what had led him to becoming a teacher and founder of a publishing company.

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Loreleis Celebrate 20 Years of Song

It was October 1981. Eight girls, all UNC undergraduates, got together to sing at a Morehead banquet. They called themselves the Loreleis, after their favorite song, and they sang that song along with "Sentimental Journey" and other ballads.The audience loved their a cappella vocal harmonies; a thank-you note described them as "eight women who could sound like 50."

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O'Connor to Kick Off Performing Arts Series

Shopping for the latest Mark O'Connor album is a little more like a scavenger hunt than a simple purchase. While most music stores won't place an artist's work under more than one genre title, it's hard to find the right place for the versatile violinist and composer who will kickoff the 2001-02 Performing Arts Series 8 p.m. today in Memorial Hall. O'Connor's credentials read like a who's who list of country, classical, Christian, jazz and folk music performers and seem to defy categorization.

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