2/13/2018 11:58pm

Jessica Jones is proofing a copper plate etching at Supergraphic. Photo courtesy of Jessica Jones.

Q&A with Jessica Jones, an artist, accountant and UNC grad

UNC graduate Jessica Jones created the series "Artists Are...," which is made up of monthly discussions hosted at The Carrack in Durham. This month, the theme is "Artists Are... Taxpayers." Staff writer Hannah Lee talked with Jones about how the series aims to empower artists economically and personally. 

2/13/2018 10:39pm

The Haiti Heritage Film Festival is highlighting Black culture through film. Courtesy of Angela Lee.

The Hayti Heritage Film Festival (HHFF) will starts Friday in Durham. From documentaries to fictional shorts, the festival focuses on celebrating both local and national black cinema. The festival also includes food, a market, and talk-backs with some of the film creators.

2/11/2018 10:01pm

Sean Wellington (left) and Justin Brent Johnson (right) star in The Justice Theater Project's production of "Bent." Photo courtesy of Melissa Zeph.

“Bent” performance challenges public knowledge of homosexuals in the Holocaust

Because of the public's exposure to the events of the Holocaust through countless documentaries, Hollywood films and school curricula, there is general knowledge surrounding the persecution of certain demographics of people by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.  However, The Justice Theater Project felt this general knowledge was not enough, which is exactly why it chose to revisit “Bent.”

2/7/2018 8:15pm

propersleep, a local band, is playing at Slim's Downtown in Raleigh. Photo by Alex Murdock.

Q&A with local band propersleep

A local band signed to Cardigan Records, propersleep, is performing at Slim’s Downtown in Raleigh this Friday at 9 p.m. Staff writer Emma Strickland spoke with the members of propersleep (Benjamin Young, guitar, vocals; Scott Jackson, drums; Andrew McGinn, bass, vocals) about their upcoming concert, what it means to be punk and the experience of performing. 

2/5/2018 6:50pm

Sydney Schamay

Word on the Street: What is on your walking to class playlist?

Odds are if you are walking to class you are listening to music, or you at least see someone else listening to something through their headphones. Do you ever wonder what everyone around you is listening to? Here are some student’s favorite things to listen to on their treks to class.  Staff writer Allie Todd asked UNC students, "What is on your walking to class playlist?"

2/4/2018 10:34pm

Shred for Music Ed raised money for the band program at C.E. Jordan High School in Durham. Photo courtesy of Paul Jones Photography.

Shred for Music Ed event to raise funds for local high school band program

Almost 200 people came out last Friday night to the Motorco Music Hall to attend Shred for Music Ed, an event intended to raise money for the band program at C.E. Jordan High School in Durham. Four local bands — A Light Divided, Kairos., The Reticent and Undrask performed in the show. Band director and member of The Reticent Chris Hathcock organized the event, which raised over $2,000 for the program. Staff writer Rachel Jensen had a conversation with Hathcock about his motivation and the preparation that went into the event.