2/1/2018 7:21pm

Catherine Baird (left) and Caroline Greelish (right) are performing in "Sisterly: A Memory Play." Photo courtesy of Caroline Almy.

Q&A with LAB! Theatre producer Samantha Yancey

"Sisterly: A Memory Play," written by UNC-Chapel Hill student Alexandra LaGrand, is being performed by The LAB! Theatre from Feb. 3-5. Staff writer Krupa Kaneria interviewed Samantha Yancey, a producer of the show, about her thoughts and inspiration about the play. 

1/31/2018 7:28pm

Paul Dresher plays with the instrument he named 'peacock' in preparation for the grand opening of Carolina Preforming Arts new space, CURRENT.

New CPA art space promotes using all of your senses

Carolina Performing Arts will kick off their new venue CURRENT ArtSpace + Studio with a special installation by Paul Dresher on Feb. 2. His installation, “Sound Maze” is interactive, inviting an audience of all ages and musical backgrounds to play large instruments created by the ensemble, scattered around the room.  The events at CURRENT are unlike a typical gallery show or stage performance. Attending a gallery or art exhibit usually involves walking around and looking at the art. CURRENT, however, wants to challenge that norm of the art world. Events will involve more of the senses. 

1/29/2018 8:56pm

David Luckenbach, the main camera operator for "Logan," stands with his daughter Lindsay on the set of Hugh Jackman's 9th and final appearance as the iconic X-Men mutant Wolverine. Photo Courtesy of David Luckenbach.

Column: 'Logan' Oscar nomination breaks superhero genre norms

When looking at the grand scheme of things, the superhero  genre is a relatively new one in global cinema. While many genre films like the gangster flick, the war film and the western have been around since before the invention of “talking pictures” in the 1920s, the superhero film did not emerge until the release of “Superman” in 1978. This is when the genre’s evolution began.

1/28/2018 7:32pm

Tyler photo.jpg

Review: Paddington 2 teaches us to be better people

"Paddington 2"’s 100 percent fresh review on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t a bit or some meme taken too far. The recently released film deserves the praise it's receiving as it not only entertains the audience, but also teaches lessons we all need to hear in ways only a movie geared for children can.  

1/25/2018 10:58pm

Peter Nisbet, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs at the Ackland Art Museum, discusses the meaning of a painting in the Becoming a Woman in the Age of Enlightenment exhibit.

New Ackland exhibit explores the "Woman Question"

In the current political climate of gender issues and cultural reflection across a diverse array of ideas, the Ackland Art Museum’s newest exhibition, "Becoming a Woman in the Age of Enlightenment: French Art from The Horvitz Collection," is uncommonly timely. "Becoming a Woman" explores the so-called “Woman's Question” that was pivotal to some of the most pressing debates of the French Enlightenment during the 18th century.  It is a thematic exhibit with 130 pieces of artwork ranging from drawings, to paintings, to sculptures, to prints — with only 10 of these pieces created by women. It conveys various depictions of the societal role of women spanning across 150 years of French art and will be on display from Jan. 26 to April 8.

1/24/2018 7:14pm

The art of Wilbert Alfonso, among others, is on display at Pleiades Arts in Durham as a part of "DREAMers: a visual conversation about DACA, Deportation Defense, and the American Dream." Photo courtesy of Renee Leverty.

DREAMers paint the stories of undocumented immigrants in Durham exhibit

The Statue of Liberty has welcomed thousands of immigrants into the U.S. for over a century. Now, it also stands in works of art featured in Pleiades Arts that speak to the struggle immigrants to this country still face today.  “DREAMers: DACA, Deportation Defense, and the American Dream” is a visual art exhibit currently on display at Pleiades Arts. It is a collaboration between the studio, Alerta Migratoria NC and the NC Dream Coalition.

1/23/2018 7:35pm

Wyndham Williamson

Word on the Street: What movie should win an Oscar?

Whether you are an avid movie-goer, a film fanatic or use the Oscars as an excuse to drink champagne and judge the best dressed, the annual showcase attracts us all. This year, critics found plenty of films to grant their praise, but what does the academy know? We want to hear what you think.  Staff writer Amelia Keesler asked UNC students, “What movie should win an Oscar?”