6/15/2020 10:13pm

Chapel Hill-based funk-rock band JULIA. 

'Zeroed in on funk': Chapel Hill-based band JULIA. talks creating in quarantine

About three years ago, Torin Alston, Danlee Gildersleeve, Todd Davis and Sean Meehan came together to form JULIA., a Chapel Hill-based alternative blues-rock band turned "funk foursome." The band just finished recording their latest album in Asheville. Staff writer Ben McEntire sat down with Davis and Meehan to talk funk, flow and the evolution of the group. 

5/18/2020 11:06pm

A student watches the Netflix show "Outer Banks" on his computer on Monday, May 18, 2020. This hit show, created by two UNC alumni, was released on April 15 and has since risen to the top of Netflix TV ratings.

'Outer Banks' co-creators talk Netflix, the UNC-Duke rivalry and the ferry to Chapel Hill

Co-creators Shannon Burke and Josh Pate of the hit Netflix series, "Outer Banks," have their roots and found their inspiration in North Carolina and UNC. The show tells the story of teenagers living on the fictional Kildare Island, North Carolina who embark on a treasure hunt to find the shipwreck of The Royal Merchant. Add class conflict, star-crossed lovers and plenty of narrow escapes, and you’ve got the hit Netflix series.  

4/16/2020 6:52pm

Members of Company Carolina perform in its 2019 production of "Sweet Charity," co-directed by Bradley Barefoot and Kayley Carpenter, assistant directed by Kathryn Brown. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Brown.

Kenan Theatre Company, Company Carolina look ahead to fall 2020 season

Despite the disruption to their scheduled spring season, theater organizations at UNC, like Kenan Theatre Company and Company Carolina, are looking forward to the fall with shows like "Kemps" and "Iphigenia 2.0." Other student-run companies, such as The LAB! Theatre and UNC Pauper Players, are reviewing proposals for next season. 

4/14/2020 8:56pm

A tiger reclines in its cage at Carolina Tiger Rescue in 2012. In addition to tigers the rescue houses leopards, jaguars, ocelots and other animals.The preserve offers tours to inform the public about threats to these animals.

Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro addresses 'what Tiger King doesn't tell you'

Netflix docuseries “Tiger King” has generated lively social media discourse over the past weeks, and UNC students were quick to contribute. But not everyone in the Orange County community thinks this show is the cat’s meow. Pittsboro-based Carolina Tiger Rescue released a statement in early April criticizing “Tiger King” for inadequately documenting how big cats suffer in the cub-petting industry.  "While we are glad that the issue of captive big cats in the U.S. is currently at the forefront of popular culture, we would like to refocus the conversation toward the problem rather than the story," Carolina Tiger Rescue wrote in the statement.