3/6/2018 9:02pm

SHHO held a panel on Monday to discuss hip-hop and social justice. Photo by Amelia Keesler.

SHHO panel examines how hip-hop is more than a genre

UNC’s Student Hip-Hop Organization, SHHO, held a panel discussion Monday expressing the art, platform and history of hip-hop and its impacts on social change and social justice.  “Hip-hop is a very large platform for artists, young and old, to share their voices and empower people who may be underrepresented in their communities,” said Nicho Stevens, SHHO executive member.  

3/6/2018 7:29pm

Allison Coleman's thesis exhibition "Rosy Retrospection" explores themes of memory and nostalgia. Courtesy of Allison Coleman.

MFA thesis exhibits showcase students' growth and talent

UNC’s MFA students are currently putting their talents on display through a series of thesis shows at the John and June Allcott Gallery. “Throughout the entire gallery you’re constantly using a different sense, whether it’s smell, touch or sight,” said MFA student Brittany Anderson.

3/1/2018 8:40pm

Global International Worldwide, Intl., is hosting "Kazoo It! 2: Enter the Kazoot" on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Ethan Baechtold.

Saturday afternoon plans: kazooing in the quad

As Saturday’s big game approaches and pre-spring break assignments consume your afternoon, your stress levels may be out of control and your lack of sleep unbelievable. But instead of worrying about Grayson Allen’s 3-pointers and your intimidatingly large paper due next week, come dance around the quad, meet new friends and play the kazoo. 

3/1/2018 7:28pm

Cosmic Rays is running at The Varsity March 1-2.

Cosmic Rays Film Festival celebrates the art of filmmaking

Time to press pause on your latest Netflix binge and come see the Cosmic Rays Film Festival at the Varsity Theater on Franklin Street this Thursday, March 1, and Friday, March 2. The festival hopes to celebrate filmmaking innovation in both style and in subject matter.  

2/28/2018 9:41pm

Palms Trax (probably) performing at Elsewhere.

Review: I went clubbing in Brooklyn and lived to tell the tale

I went clubbing not one night, but two nights this past weekend. On Friday, Feb. 23, I saw Palms Trax and Solar at Elsewhere, a nightclub in Brooklyn, New York. On Saturday, Feb. 24, I went to another nightclub called Good Room, featuring Antenes, Sofia Kourtesis, Amourette and Justin Strauss.