10/8/2018 9:25pm

Thompson Wall, Kristin Hardin and Josh Ferguson were cast as extras in the movie The Hunger Games.

North Carolina film industry regains footing with revived film incentives

The North Carolina film and TV scene is star-studded with blockbuster hits that were filmed in the state. At its peak, has hosted over 800 films and numerous TV shows and documentaries. The film industry takes advantage of North Carolina's diverse landscape for a variety of movies, which pumps money and tourism back into the state economy. But in recent years, directors have been filming their productions elsewhere, and the state government has made laws that pull funding away from keeping the cinema scene alive. 

10/3/2018 10:31pm

Photo Courtesy Meghan Magdalene

A former real estate agent becomes an inspiring tattoo artist

A former real estate agent, Meghan Magdalene, took over Ascension Tattoo, which she previously helped her friend open. Magdalene's background in psychology and counseling make her adept in handling the heavy stories that are behind many people's tattoos. She is driven everyday by the rewarding feeling she gets by making people happy through her artistry. 

10/3/2018 8:58pm

The Me Too Monologues will explore personal stories related to themes of gender. Photo by Jamie Cummings.

Me Too Monologues: Using theater for social change

The 'Me Too Monologues' are currently being written and produced to be performed in January. The monologues are a collection of stories from anonymous writers detailing their personal history with sexual assault, identity and culture that will be performed in January.