1/24/2018 7:14pm

The art of Wilbert Alfonso, among others, is on display at Pleiades Arts in Durham as a part of "DREAMers: a visual conversation about DACA, Deportation Defense, and the American Dream." Photo courtesy of Renee Leverty.

DREAMers paint the stories of undocumented immigrants in Durham exhibit

The Statue of Liberty has welcomed thousands of immigrants into the U.S. for over a century. Now, it also stands in works of art featured in Pleiades Arts that speak to the struggle immigrants to this country still face today.  “DREAMers: DACA, Deportation Defense, and the American Dream” is a visual art exhibit currently on display at Pleiades Arts. It is a collaboration between the studio, Alerta Migratoria NC and the NC Dream Coalition.

1/23/2018 7:35pm

Wyndham Williamson

Word on the Street: What movie should win an Oscar?

Whether you are an avid movie-goer, a film fanatic or use the Oscars as an excuse to drink champagne and judge the best dressed, the annual showcase attracts us all. This year, critics found plenty of films to grant their praise, but what does the academy know? We want to hear what you think.  Staff writer Amelia Keesler asked UNC students, “What movie should win an Oscar?” 

1/21/2018 9:09pm

Evan Nicole Bell, a senior at Duke University, is having her first solo photography exhibit, "black." Photo courtesy of Evan Nicole Bell.

Duke University senior documents Durham Black community in “black.” photography exhibit

After nearly four years of documenting the black community of Durham, Duke University senior and Alice M. Baldwin Scholar Evan Nicole Bell has secured her first solo photography exhibition entitled “black.” Hosted by the Louise Jones Brown Gallery in Durham, "black." is a collection documented by Bell that showcases the diversity of what it means to be Black in 2018.

1/21/2018 8:43pm

Ashley May

Word on the Street: Who do you think deserves a Grammy this year?

The Grammy Awards, music’s biggest night, is happening on Jan. 28, and many people can’t wait to see their favorite celebrities. The top Grammy-nominees include Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino, with performances by Cardi B, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Sam Smith and Rihanna. Staff writer Amani Reed asked UNC students, “Who do you think deserves a Grammy this year?”

1/21/2018 7:30pm

They Might Be Giants at Cat's Cradle

They Might Be Giants Concert Review: Man, It's So Loud In Cat's Cradle

When They Might Be Giants started playing “Man, It’s So Loud In Here” off their “Mink Car” album, my dad leaned toward me and yelled, “I love this one!”  It was his first time seeing TMBG perform since he took my mom to one of their shows in 1992. This was my first time seeing them ever, and I couldn't believe that the band I'd been jamming out to since I first heard their album “No!” as a kid was standing on stage in front of me.

1/18/2018 5:12pm

Coco Amino is a Chapel Hill-based pop rock band. Photo courtesy of Christine McClain.

Q&A with members of local band Coco Amino

Coco Amino is a Chapel Hill-based pop rock band. Their first EP, "coco amino" was released in December. The band is set to play a show at the Cave in Chapel Hill on Sunday Jan. 21 with Estuarie and Jameson.