1/27/2020 5:54pm

Michael Taffe is the Assistant City and State Desk Editor at the Daily Tar Heel.

Office DJ: Catholic school dance hot tracks

This is a list of pre-approved clean songs to study up on for the Catholic middle school dance. I even threw a few slow ones in there. But watch those hands mister — you need to leave room for the holy spirit.

1/21/2020 8:04pm

	Lillian Chason

10 years later, Eric Chason releases memoir to remember daughter Lillian

In the 28 days that former UNC student Lillian Chason spent in the hospital battling the H1N1 flu, her father kept a journal. He planned to tell her all about it once she got better. Now, 10 years after Chason's death, her father has adapted that journal into a memoir with stories of her childhood, which he will read at Flyleaf Books on Jan. 29.