UNC Cadence A Cappella performs at the UNC Dance Marathon. Carolina For The Kids Foundation hosted the marathon, a no-sitting, no-sleeping event comprised of over 2,000 students who remain standing for 24 hours at Fetzer Gym, on March 22 and March 23, 2019. The event is a culmination of year-long fundraising efforts which raised $440,955.07. The money raised goes toward providing families with financial and emotional assistance at UNC Children's Hospital. Students who attended the marathon watched the basketball game between UNC and Iona, danced, watched musical performances and more. Students participated in the marathon for a various personal reasons, including having their own family members in the hospital or, "seeing how much of an impact we can have on a family," said Jessica Martinson, a junior and biology major.

UNC Dance Marathon raises over $440,000 for UNC Children's Hospital

UNC Dance Marathon beat its 2018 total, raising over $440,000 for patients at UNC Children's Hospital.

Carolina for the Kids

UNC Dance Marathon is a yearly fundraising event that requires participants to remain on their feet for 24 hours in a no-sitting, no-sleeping challenge. Since it was founded in 1998, 10,000 students have volunteered to be a part of the event. 13 active committees work all year long to organize and publicize the event.

In 2014, UNC-DM raised $551,595.87 for N.C. Children’s Hospital. With that money, it is providing 13 different grants to kids.

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Students danced and stood for 24 hours to raise money for medical, surgical and emotional care of children and families served by North Carolina Children's Hospital. The 24-hour marathon began in Fetzer Gym on Mar. 21, 2014 and continued through Mar. 22.

UNC Dance Marathon raises $550K

A low crackling of bubble wrap under the aching feet of dancers slowly turned into a roar of balloons popping underfoot as UNC Dance Marathon celebrated the greatest amount of money it has ever raised for North Carolina Children’s Hospital — $551,595.87.