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Sunday May 22nd

Duke University

Location: Durham, N.C.

Type: 4-year, Private

Year founded: 1839

Total enrollment (fall 2014): 14,850

Undergraduate enrollment: 6,646

Undergraduate applicants (class of 2018): 31,523

Acceptance rate: 12.4 percent

Graduation rate (after four years, fall 2013): 87 percent

Undergraduate tuition and fees (2014-2015): $47,243

Sports nickname: Blue Devils


College Republicans did not violate membership rules

Duke University’s student judiciary ruled in a majority vote Wednesday that the university’s College Republicans did not violate the student government’s constitution by removing former chairman of the club Justin Robinette and a former member Cliff Satell from their listserv. Satell filed the case against the College Republicans, alleging the club had been selective in its membership by removing him from the listserv. But the judiciary ruled that since Satell said he would be boycotting all of the club’s events, the College Republicans had a reason to remove him.

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Former UNC Chancellor James Moeser rides with former Duke President
Nannerl Keohane on the Robertson Bus on its inaugural trip in 2001.

Courtesy of UNC News Services/Dan Sears

UNC and Duke join for new partnership

On Monday, UNC joined Duke University in unveiling the Kenan-Biddle Partnership, which will aim to bridge the 8-mile gap between the two campuses by promoting student-led projects, with preference given to projects proposed jointly by students from both schools.

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	Justin Robinett helped file complaints against the club.

Duke College Republicans could lose funds

Duke University’s student government made an unprecedented decision Wednesday night by voting to de-fund and de-charter the university’s College Republicans. The senate’s bill to de-fund the club still needs to be signed into law by Duke Student Government President Mike Lefevre, and the de-chartering act needs to be approved by the Student Organization Finance Committee — an extension of the senate that deals with recognizing and funding student organizations.

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Duke College Republicans lose charter, funding

After months of dodging complaints and defending their actions, Duke University’s College Republicans lost their charter and funding Wednesday night. The university’s student senate de-charterd the club by a two-thirds vote and de-funded them by a 20-3 vote.

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Duke students seek gender-neutral housing

Duke University students are pushing administrators to let them room with members of the opposite sex — even though it violates state law. The university’s student government senate recently approved a gender-neutral housing resolution, but it might be years before the university puts it into action.

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Sex toy study creates buzz

Duke University is proving that research can be sexy — by studying how sex toys affect women’s sensual lives.The study, which aims to reduce instances of unprotected sex, has already caused controversy among several of Duke’s religious groups.But campus officials have stood behind the study, citing its possible benefits.

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Duke sets ambitious climate neutrality goals

Duke University could be climate neutral — net zero emissions of all greenhouse gases — by 2024 if it follows the plan it announced earlier this week.Universities nationwide have similar plans for reducing emissions, but most have set less ambitious goals. A key reason is a lack of funding for implementing infrastructure changes — something UNC-Chapel Hill officials said has been an obstacle.The high costs of achieving that goal could delay plans at Duke, said Tavey McDaniel, director of the Duke sustainability office, in an e-mail.

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Duke studies spread of H1N1

As the number of H1N1 cases at universities increases, Duke University is using a new diagnostic method to study the spread of viruses — testing sick students and paying them for their time. Researchers are studying 500 to 800 freshman students living on the East Campus of Duke University to observe how respiratory viral infections, such as H1N1, spread in closed communities and how to identify sicknesses before the symptoms appear.

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