11/12/2018 1:15pm

Editorial: Lessons from the diversity survey

Although Chancellor Carol Folt sent an email in 2016 that the results would be published, the University didn’t release the results until a Daily Tar Heel inquiry this semester.

11/7/2018 8:20pm

Editorial: Realistic expectations after the water shortage

There are so many sides to this current water crisis — so many multifaceted issues to consider. What is most important is that everyone affected by it remains safe. But let’s also remember the different problems that might arise for students and professors when classes resume.  

11/7/2018 8:05pm

Editorial: The pipe burst is part of a larger infrastructure problem in America

What is clear is that the local, state and national community must begin to hold our politicians accountable to these basic issues. It may be all well and good for our government to be discussing the intricacies of immigration reform and the like — but their most basic roles should first be tended to, with the attention and funds that they deserve. 

11/5/2018 8:44pm

Editorial: Extend the housing application deadline for first years

The housing application should be moved to at least the spring semester for first year students. This will afford first-years the opportunity to learn more about their interests and to find people to live with. This will ensure that students are not pushed into living agreements or just “going random” because they have not found their people.

11/1/2018 10:08pm

Editorial: What Spellings got right

Although Margaret Spellings was not without fault, the Editorial Board believes her legacy as UNC system president provided significant and commendable changes. 

10/29/2018 8:17pm

Assistant Opinion Editor Ramishah Maruf

Editorial: Snapchat is a 'force to be reckoned with'

Instead of mocking from a distance, though, isn’t it more interesting, and more optimistic, to grapple with the very real positive and negative consequences that social media sites have for our daily lives?  

10/28/2018 7:15pm

Editorial: Leave it to Beaver. Wait, what?

"Voting ought not be a privilege granted only to those who have the time and resources to do so, but rather a fundamental right extended to and enjoyed by all."

10/21/2018 9:03pm

Editorial: Candy corn is an icon undeserving of hate

This column defends candy corn, claiming it an underappreciated treat. The corn syrup, sugar and salt creation reminds us about life's simplicity. Candy corn should be enjoyed, and those that love it should enjoy it proudly.

10/10/2018 8:07pm

Two children ride the swing ride, overlooking the entire midway.

Editorial: State fair, off the midway

If you or a friend get the sudden urge to eat a double-bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme donuts, please remember your human dignity and walk by. 

10/3/2018 8:05pm

Editorial: Don't waste your powder

"At the Battle of Bunker Hill, one of the first real battles in the Revolutionary War, American commanders told their men to hold their fire until they could see the whites of the British eyes."