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Monday August 8th


Shine new light on panels: Chapel Hill must be held accountable for past promises on sustainability

Chapel Hill must maintain its focus on green objectives and should be accountable for sustainability goals set in the past. In 2000 Chapel Hill Town Council passed a resolution to pursue the goal of fitting 500 area buildings with solar panels by 2010. Also in 2000 a committee was established to oversee the process. By 2004 more than $20000 of public and private funds had been allocated for the project.

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Tax our sins: A prudent way to increase the state's revenue would be to increase the excise taxes

The N.C. General Assembly should consider raising state excise taxes on cigarettes and alcohol in order to close the gap on current and future budget shortfalls. N. C. Senate Majority Leader Marc Basnight suggested raising the state's ""sin taxes"" Thursday"" a week after Gov. Bev Perdue mandated a 7 percent budget cut for all state government agencies.

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Preserve collective rights: Carrboro should not restrict neighborhood decisions

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen should not pursue a bill that would keep neighborhood associations from prohibiting unsightly features of environmental sustainability. In its Jan. 23 meeting the Board of Aldermen listed the bill as part of its 2009 legislative priorities. Neighborhood associations are vital organizations that allow homeowners collectively to shape the face of their community.

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Nice try Nifong: The ex-district attorney should not be granted immunity

Granting former District Attorney Mike Nifong immunity from the civil claims brought against him would degrade the legitimacy of our justice system. Nifong failed to offer the defendants in the Duke lacrosse case a fair trial by withholding DNA evidence from the defense and conducting an inappropriate number of media interviews.

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Duke Power is acting dirty: It's a 'major' pollutant and should be treated as one

Duke Power should not receive an amendment reclassifying its newest coal generator as a ""minor"" source of pollution" which would result in fewer environmental regulations. The 800-megawatt generator which is still under construction at the existing Cliffside Steam Station in the N.C. mountains" is currently classified as a ""major"" source of pollution by the Federal Clean Air Act and is thus subject to regulation by the N.C. Division of Air Quality.

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Prevent mental breakdowns: Mental health initiative encouraging but underutilized

A new University service designed to pre-empt serious mental health breakdowns should be given more attention despite the lack of interest from students. The program allows students with a history of mental illness to define their symptoms in a notarized legal document that identifies the signs of the beginnings of a mental health breakdown and recommends how that student should be treated if these symptoms arise.

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