10/8/2019 9:44pm

Scott Reece, 45, helps his wife, Nunny Reece, 41, who has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, tie her shoes on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019. Nunny Reece and her husband frequent UNC Hospital often and face additional challenges due to parking costs, which typically are up to $10 a day. On this day, Reece had a parking permit due to her receiving radiation treatment all week.

Editorial: UNC is shaking down cancer patients

As students, we know that parking on campus isn’t cheap, so most of us try to avoid it altogether by walking or taking a bus instead. But patients at UNC Hospitals don’t have the same freedom. For cancer patients, many of whom must park several times per week for treatments that last several hours, these expenses can really add up. 

10/8/2019 8:17pm

Editorial: Keep race-conscious admissions at UNC

Affirmative action should not be about tokenizing people of color for diversity, it should be about creating multifaceted, critical learning spaces. At the same time, race-conscious admissions practices should challenge historically-white and exclusive institutions, like UNC. 

9/29/2019 10:07pm

Editorial: On-campus safety resources at UNC

Due to recent events on campus, the editorial board has assembled this short list of resources for anyone who may be at-risk of interpersonal, sexual or gender-based violence. This list also includes two proactive trainings that anyone can complete to help create a safer environment on campus for us all.