4/21/2014 3:32pm

Movie Review: Le Week-End

“There’s more to love than loving or being loved.” So says Nick (Jim Broadbent) to his wife Meg (Lindsay Duncan) as they stand over the Paris grave of Samuel Beckett, contemplating love and its meaning after decades together.

4/21/2014 3:31pm

Movie Review: Railway Man

“The Railway Man” is an impressive and poignant tour de force surrounding the life events of Eric Lomax, who must wrestle with the emotional ramifications of his time as a British soldier captured by the Japanese and thrown into a POW camp during World War II.

4/21/2014 3:30pm

Movie Review: Bears

“They say the first year of parenting is the hardest,” narrator John C. Reilly says in the opening scene of “Bears.” Half of all bear cubs perish in their first year. “Bears” follows two cubs and their mother through this harsh, danger-filled year.

4/13/2014 2:29pm

Movie Review: Draft Day

“Draft Day” is the epitome of everything football. It brings the National Football League to the big screen in the most appealing way.

4/13/2014 2:28pm

Movie Review: Oculus

“Oculus” is a fresh, unique take on the horror genre that relies on smart writing, strong acting, impressive storytelling and the bending of reality for its scares. 

4/3/2014 4:31pm

Q&A with The New Yorker music critic Alex Ross

Alex Ross is a music critic for The New Yorker, whose latest major undertaking is a book on the cultural legacy of German composer Richard Wagner. Ross will deliver a lecture titled "Big Ballads of the Modern Heart: Sidney Lanier and Early American Wagnerism" this afternoon in Gerrard Hall. Diversions editor Allison Hussey talked to Ross about Wagner and the composer's long-lasting effects on the arts.

4/3/2014 12:02am

Cat's Cradle nurtures Carolina growth

Throughout the past 40 years, Cat’s Cradle has hosted some of the biggest names in music. While the number of national tours that come through the Cradle is high, Cat’s finds it equally important to support local music. “It is part of our mission to work with local artists.

3/29/2014 7:38pm

Movie Review: Grand Piano

With a gorgeous musical score, a compelling lead performance from Elijah Wood and a premise that's just strange enough to work, "Grand Piano" is a tense, entertaining and engaging thriller.

3/29/2014 7:37pm

Movie Review: Noah

Taking on only pieces of the original story, “Noah” brings a new spin on the classic Bible tale.