2/7/2012 11:03pm


Proposal puts tuition toward faculty raises

The letter seemed like all the others at first — nothing that merited anything beyond a quick glance. Nothing but another reference request or cattle call to join an administrative search.

10/30/2011 4:16pm

Faculty adviory committee recommends more education on honor system

Educating faculty members about the nuances of the student-run honor system is the first major goal to emerge from the faculty honor system advisory committee. The newly formed committee met for the first time Friday to discuss how the members could best aid the honor system and increase faculty involvement.

5/22/2011 3:14pm

UNC hopes to maintain faculty retention

As the University braces for budget cuts to the UNC system, officials are anticipating the departure of some faculty for more lucrative employment options. While UNC is not the only university facing budget pressures, University officials say many private institutions are not dealing with the same constraints.

4/20/2011 12:02am

American Academy of Arts and Sciences recognizes Hall

Jacquelyn Dowd Hall has been elected as a fellow in prestigious national honor society the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Hall is a historian of Southern women’s studies and is the founding director of the Southern Oral History Program in the Center for the Study of the American South. She has led the program for 37 years, during which it has recorded about 4,300 first-hand accounts of history.

4/17/2011 5:19pm

McKay Coble, at her last Faculty Council Meeting as the chair

Faculty sign off on new lectureship, English class

On Friday McKay Coble saw the approval of a master lecturer position that would come in addition to the lecturer and senior lecturer positions that are already in place for fixed-term faculty within the College of Arts and Sciences.

4/17/2011 2:24pm

	Bonnie Yankaskas will be reimbursed $175,000 in legal fees from the University

Yankaskas settles appeal, agrees to retire from UNC

The University reached a settlement last week with Bonnie Yankaskas, ending an 18-month standoff in which the embattled cancer researcher appealed a salary cut and demotion that followed a breach of the Carolina Mammography Registry