1/21/2015 12:50am

UNC dining halls seek food without factory

James West stands in the dark on a cold January morning. He has an old heater going as he smokes a cigarette. It is 7 a.m., and it’s time to feed the pigs that will one day feed thousands of students.

10/6/2014 1:50am

Bars that apply to be "private clubs" do not have to get sanitation inspections. Zog's Art Bar and Pool Hall is a private club on Henderson Street.

Skirting the health standard

Deems Wilson was surprised when, shortly after starting his job as manager of West End Wine Bar, he was told the business didn’t get inspected by the Orange County N.C. Health Department. 

10/2/2014 11:45pm

Orange County proposes food council

As a county that prides itself on eating locally grown produce and foods, Orange County agreed this week to join the growing trend of municipalities with food councils.

10/1/2014 1:27am

Q&A with "American Wasteland" author Jonathan Bloom

As part of The Daily Tar Heel's Projects and Investigations Team's Food Issue, Senior Writer Caroline Leland spoke to Jonathan Bloom, the award-winning author of "American Wasteland." The book chronicles the ways in which Americans waste food between the farms it's raised on and the plates it's eaten off of. Bloom offered insight into the University's responsibility to prevent food waste and why it's important to conserve.

10/1/2014 12:23am

Clark Cunningham is a senior biochemistry and biology major from Chapel Hill.

Column: What do you mean, "toxic"?

If the intense competition for treadmills at the Student Recreation Center and the line for the salad bar at the Top of Lenoir have taught me anything, it’s that UNC students tend to lead relatively healthy lifestyles.

9/26/2014 1:52am

Meals on Wheels food truck rodeo coming to Carrboro

Meals on Wheels drives around Chapel Hill and Carrboro every weekday, delivering food to senior citizens and people with disabilities. It also raises money through the same medium — by hosting food truck rodeos.

9/18/2014 12:42am

Hungry students find help at TABLE

Hundreds of Chapel Hill-Carrboro elementary school students do not have to worry about going hungry on the weekends, thanks to the nonprofit organization TABLE.