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Sunday June 20th


Blackout Conspiracy Uncovered

When it comes to conspiracy theories, Americans are a bunch of suckers. And when I say suckers, I?m not talking about your everyday, run-of-the-mill suckers. Americans are real suckers. Major league suckers, in fact. We?re like those sea lampreys that swam up the St. Lawrence and wiped out all the trout in Lake Erie. It?s true. God forbid we go along with the most likely explanation or the conclusion that makes the most sense. Oh, no. That would be way too easy.

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BOT Members PredictSlow Rise in Enrollment

The year's first official Board of Trustees meeting Thursday morning presented a much smaller prediction of future enrollment than originally anticipated. Interim Provost Dick Edwards projects a 100-student increase in each of the next three years, which will bring freshman enrollment to 3,700 and total enrollment to about 25,000 by 2003. Three hundred students over three years is a far cry from the 6,000 by 2008 officials initially expected.

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Town Gears Up for Festifall

The 28th annual Festifall will take over downtown Chapel Hill on Sunday, bringing with it a wide array of food, music, arts and crafts. Parrish Anderson, public events coordinator for Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation, described the event as an arts and crafts fair with the added touch of a street festival. "There will be almost 100 artists and about 100 booths of arts and crafts," he said. "That is the main energy to the fair. We also throw into that the whole street-fair spirit." Festifall 2000 will be held from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., but streets will be closing earlier to accommodate the crowds.

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DTH Board Editorial Missed Point of Body Image Protests

We read the recent editorial, "Battle of the Bulge" (Sept. 27), and were astonished to find such an uninformed, insulting and sexist rant in the DTH. First, the authors seem to have missed the point of protesting the super-thin female "beauty" ideal found in advertising and other media. The authors must believe that the opposite of super-thin is overweight, as they claim that the protesters "tacitly provide fuel to the fire of `fat activism.'" In fact, most female models have an abnormally low body fat percentage that is not healthy or maintainable for the vast majority of women.

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Open Hearing Addresses Cheating

Senior Mike Trinh shifted anxiously in his chair as Professor James Coggins described to the Honor Court on Thursday night how Trinh allegedly collaborated unfairly with classmates and gave unauthorized aid. "I'm tense because I'm waiting for my chance to argue," Trinh said during a recess. "I'm restraining myself." In the open hearing Thursday night, Trinh and junior Brianne Roth pleaded not guilty to academic cheating charges that stemmed from a homework assignment in Coggins' Computer Science 120 course last semester.

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Jordan's 23 Offers Valet Parking for 100

Patrons of Michael Jordan's new restaurant, 23, will be able to use a valet parking service despite earlier concern about where cars would be parked. The new eatery is scheduled to open today, and restaurant managers say the dining room is booked for dinner tonight. Peter Grills, 23's director of operations, said parking would be available in three separate lots near the restaurant, located at 200 W. Franklin St. 23 will use the lot previously occupied by Hardee's at 213 W. Franklin St., as well as a lot at 317 W. Rosemary St. and one on Church Street.

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Faley Faces Education Questions

A candidate for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education is questioning the credentials of one of her opponents after learning that she does not have a bachelor's degree. School board candidate Lynn Albert said she was surprised to learn that candidate Gloria Faley had not completed her undergraduate degree. All of the candidates except Faley have at least a four-year degree, said Albert. "At all the candidate forums, she said that she taught physics and rocketry to students at McDougle Middle School,"she said. "That implied that she had a degree.

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Local Police Keep Pace Despite Shortage

In the face of staff shortages, Chapel Hill and Carrboro Police Departments are finding ways to fill the gaps. "We are continuing to do what we were doing before," said Carrboro Police Chief Carolyn Hutchison, whose department is operating without five of its usual 34 officers. Hutchison said the department was maintaining the minimum number of officers on the street while trying to recruit new officers. "It does get difficult, for example, when someone calls in sick and we have to scramble to find someone on short notice," Hutchison said.

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Arts Receive Boost in Funds

Local arts organizations are more than $25,000 richer thanks to a record amount of grants they received from the OrangeCounty Board of Commissioners. A total of $25,287 was awarded in Orange County Arts Commission Grassroots Grants this year, said Ann Kaplan, director of the Orange County Arts Commission. "We were able to give about $6,000 more than usual this year,"she said.

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Retail Stores Likely to Replace Downtown Bars

T-shirts and books might soon replace taps and coolers in two storefronts left vacant by former Franklin Street favorites Silent Sam's and Groundhog Tavern. Town officials say they have no idea what will fill the empty spaces, but most agree that a retail shop would fare well at the sites. Chamber of Commerce President Joel Harper said he did not know what would fill the location. "I would hope that whatever goes in there would be retail-oriented,"he said.

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