10/7/2012 10:42pm

Changes to come to Honor Court

Students arrested by Chapel Hill police could soon see a new way in which their potential Honor Code violations are handled by the Honor Court.

4/19/2012 10:20pm

Honor system’s autonomy intact after reform of sexual assault policy

When Chancellor Holden Thorp issued a call for reform of the honor system last summer, the system’s student leaders vowed to retain the institution’s most tradition-bound characteristic — its entirely student-led structure. But with last week’s approval of a new sexual assault policy — one that removes cases from the jurisdiction of the honor system effective Aug. 1 — the institution’s autonomy was called into question.

4/16/2012 5:02pm

The Interview: Jon McCay on sexual assault

As someone who’s spent the past four years working on (and eventually leading) the student attorney general’s staff, Jon McCay is in a unique position to talk about the University’s recent changes to its sexual assault policy.

3/12/2012 7:52pm

Honor system task force looks at possibilities for change

Reform of the University’s honor system is still in its early stages, but administrators and student leaders say the scope of the changes will be broad. The honor system task force, which was created in the fall to reform the system, will divide discussion into three categories: the system’s history, attitudes about it and peer systems.

3/12/2012 5:24pm

Editorial Q&A: Consistency on a case-by-case basis

As student leaders of the University’s Honor Court educate students this week about role of the honor system, opinion editor Maggie Zellner sat down with Michelle Healy, chair of the Undergraduate Honor Court, to discuss how they make decisions and determine sanctions.