Opinion: UNC Greeks can help further fight against HB2

In light of the passing of House Bill 2, several organizations have been taking action. A great deal of this organizing has centered queer and transgender folks of color, prompting some to believe that their ability to organize or participate is unwelcome.

House Bill 2

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Spellings, Folt come out against House Bill 2

Amidst bathroom sit-ins across UNC-system campuses today in protest of House Bill 2, President Margaret Spellings clarified the universities' responsibility to comply with the controversial law.  Spellings told reporters on a conference call this morning that a memo sent to chancellors April 5 requiring people on university campuses to use multiple-occupancy bathrooms based on their biological sex was only a response to questions from university officials. “It is in no way an endorsement of this law,” Spellings said.

Opinion: Outside institutions should engage to fight HB 2

One of the biggest peaks in the news cycle following the passage of North Carolina’s House Bill 2 into law has been the announcement by PayPal that the company is canceling plans to open an office in Charlotte. PayPal is not alone in cutting off cultural and economic ties to North Carolina.

No more discrimination cases in NC courts thanks to HB2

For victims of workplace discrimination, suing in state court is no longer an option under House Bill 2.  Section 3.2 of the bill states that discrimination lawsuits by employees against their employers will no longer be heard in state courts across North Carolina.