11/8/2013 12:47am

Kvetching Board for November 8, 2013

To my grandparents, since they asked: All I want for Christmas is to go home and not be accosted by Dance Marathon people for a few blessed weeks.

10/24/2013 11:17pm

Kvetching Board for October 24, 2013

Only at UNC is the football team being bullied by the student body of nerds. Best prediction of weather in Chapel Hill: Are the sorority girls wearing yoga pants or running shorts?

10/15/2013 11:37pm

Kvetching Board for October 16, 2013

Too bad CDS can’t put as much effort into having enough seats or edible food as they do into picking a playlist for the dining hall.

10/11/2013 11:43am

Kvetching Board for October 11, 2013

To the UNC physics department: If you think an average score of a 69 on a test means it was too easy, then you’re as dysfunctional as our government.

9/13/2013 12:10am

Kvetching Board for Sept. 13, 2013

Pro tip: When talking about compromises in abortion legislation, try to avoid using the phrase “split the baby.”