2/21/2017 11:56pm

Letter: ​UNC should promote civil discourse

Those on UNC’s campus may have recently noticed a flier that encouraged stealing and burning Trump supporters’ “Make America Great Again” hats and attacking fascists.

2/19/2017 10:14pm

Letter: ​Alt-right 'minority' isn’t under threat

On Feb. 13, Chris Watson wrote to the DTH that there is a small, but growing “minority” on campus. This supposed minority lurks everywhere, under many names, and in all departments.

2/16/2017 11:22pm

Letter: DTH Yale editorial was misguided

Your comments about Zora Neale Hurston in your Feb. 14 editorial are misguided. The Trustees never considered the possibility of renaming Saunders Hall in the spring of 2015 for Hurston for two obvious reasons. 

2/14/2017 11:25pm

Letter: ​Policy-makers should observe classrooms

I have never been one to be scared of “bureaucracy,” but recent appointments have me worried. My reasons for concern are, to be honest, selfish. But I also find them valid, and I won’t stop fighting for what I think is right.

2/14/2017 11:24pm

Letter: ​Alt-right letter rife with false complaints

You identify yourself as an alternative right sympathizer and in your letter to the editor complain about all us “lefties” and “intellectual do-gooders” suppressing your alternative right views.

2/14/2017 11:22pm

Letter: ​Somers editorial was woefully uninformed

The Feb. 10 opinion piece “Keep a close eye on UNC’s new hire — another spokesperson” was an out-of-bounds, uniformed character attack that showed a lack of understanding of the relationship between the University and the legislature.

2/13/2017 1:08am

Letter: ​Let the fro grow for UNC Walk for Health

In support of North Carolina star basketball players Joel Berry, Isaiah Hicks and Justin Jackson and their sculptured afro dreadlocks hairstyles, UNC Walk for Health has begun a campaign to encourage the entire Tar Heel team to “let the locks of the hair on their heads grow long” for the rest of the season. (Nm. 6:5, Lv. 19:27: 21:5).

2/10/2017 12:10am

Letter: ​Chapel Hill should support nation’s laws

Your recent article entitled “Forum discusses immigrant rights and laws” exposes the hypocrisy and double talk which has run amok in Chapel Hill. Only in this “Alice in Wonderland” world can we pick and choose which laws to follow.

2/10/2017 12:09am

Letter: Religious values split our political parties

In the DTH editorial “For God or Party” you ask “if there are clear lines in the sand for Christian religious leaders” as they decide whether or not to stand with the Republicans, and specifically with President Trump.