2/8/2017 12:33am

Letter: ​Students have the right to self-govern

I thank The Daily Tar Heel editorial board for its critique of student government leaders, though I would argue that our primary mistake was failing to take Vice Chancellor Crisp’s intervention entirely seriously.

2/8/2017 12:32am

Letter: ​DTH editorial was inflammatory

On Thursday, The Daily Tar Heel’s editorial board published an editorial calling for student leaders to fight for self-governance. Their central claim was that Vice Chancellor Crisp’s memo on separation is overreach. As such, they urged student leaders not to capitulate.

2/6/2017 12:30am

Letter: UNC Persian Cultural Society is here for you

On Friday, Jan. 27, President Trump issued an executive order that severely restricts immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and the admission of refugees to the United States.

2/3/2017 12:47am

Letter: ​Trump article lacked UNC representation

When I saw The Daily Tar Heel front cover had a “Make America Great Again” hat on it, I immediately picked it up, very surprised that a pro-Trump article would make the front page.

2/2/2017 1:34am

Letter: ​Divided we might not be a democracy

I am writing in response to the opinion piece “UNC administrators mishandled Trump’s ban.” I agree with the need for the UNC community to respond strongly to this development.

2/2/2017 1:33am

Letter: Neither party has a monopoly on hate

TO THE EDITOR I think we have lost sight of reason’s light It’s true Reagan once said, “We must fight.” But not with each other. I should treat you as my brother. Or my sister. Call old men mister. An old lady should be ma’am. We all fall under Uncle Sam. With all this division, Of course there has been a collision. We need to make a decision. To forgive, to accept, To love and respect. This should be something we expect. “But they don’t, So we won’t!” Has become our nation’s rallying cry. Do we honestly even try? Or has all this gone to die? Stand up for what you believe in, yes. Without that we’d be in a mess. But, if someone disagrees with your view, You should listen, debate, Pause, then educate. Don’t give in to the bait. I’m discussing all people who identify only by political spectrums. Kindly remove your head from your rectums. Neither side has a monopoly on hate. Quit using pronouns to speak of the other side. Call their names in conversation, And extend your arms wide With an invitation To a civilized chat Not a bout on the wrestling mat. I leave you with this: Listen First. Remember this verse, And don’t make the problem any worse. Lane Dougherty Senior Chinese

2/2/2017 1:30am

Letter: ​An open letter to Chancellor Folt

TO THE EDITOR: We, faculty at UNC, thank you for the message you sent on behalf of the University regarding the recent executive order that severely curtails the rights and movements of immigrant and non-immigrant visa holders from several countries.

2/1/2017 2:28am

Letter: ​DTH article got its statistics wrong

The best way to compare the poll numbers of two different entities, to control for their differing levels of name recognition, is to look at their net favorability ratings.

2/1/2017 2:26am

Letter: UNC will be testing its sirens today

Almost every day we hear about a tragedy in some corner of the world. While we hope a life-threatening event never occurs on our campus, we must always be prepared.

1/26/2017 12:15am

Letter: ​Trump’s border policy will hurt immigrants

President Donald Trump took immediate and counterproductive steps on day six of his administration to appease the hateful, anti-immigrant faction among his supporters by announcing immediate and rapid changes to U.S. border security and immigration enforcement.