11/16/2016 12:51am

Letter: ​Increasing fees for some majors is unfair

In the article regarding an increase in fees, the writer states that biomedical engineering students will have to pay a fee consisting of $250 per semester for the 2017 year increasing to $1,000 per semester for the 2020 school year.

11/16/2016 12:50am

Letter: ​Peaceful protests deserve coverage

In Cailyn Derickson’s article “UNC student protestors have reached the tipping point,” the Black Lives Matter movement is examined through UNC students as protests begin to emerge on campus.

11/16/2016 12:48am

Letter: ​Don’t encourage hate of our President-elect

This year’s election was a polarizing one, there’s no doubt about that. Since Nov. 8, news media outlets, including The Daily Tar Heel, have been reporting very heavily on the hatred that many people, especially minorities, feel for Donald Trump.

11/13/2016 11:19pm

Letter: ​Misinformation is a flawed argument

Mr. Tillotson calls me “ignorant” despite the fact that I have no religious or political affiliation. For the past 20 years, I have defended Israel against anti-Semitic lies and slander.

11/13/2016 11:17pm

Letter: Electoral College is not fully to blame

Criticism of the Electoral College by both sides has become the bold new national sentiment. Surely it’s antiquated. Surely it must go. Surely we can do better. And we can!

11/10/2016 12:01am

Letter: ​Call out Trump for outsourcing labor

North Carolina is no longer the textile center that it once was because those manufacturing jobs have been sent overseas to places like China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Honduras.

11/9/2016 3:00am

Letter: ​ECU is undergoing student protests

East Carolina University is a university that is near and not-so-dear to most of our hearts. Recently, the ECU band has been under fire for taking a knee during the National Anthem, previously modeled by 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

11/9/2016 2:59am

Letter: ​Western NC is often underappreciated

Two counties of Western North Carolina made for a wonderful experience on learning about part of that end of the Tar Heel state during my times of youth as an early lifelong resident of a family growing up in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

11/9/2016 2:58am

Letter: ​HB2 affects student athletes too

I read the opinion article, “There is nothing to be gained until House Bill 2 is repealed,” and I found it to be very intriguing. I am a student-athlete at UNC-Chapel Hill, so I am interested in reading about how it will affect me.

11/8/2016 12:31am

Letter: U.S. voters need a reality check

When Bailey Aldridge of The Daily Tar Heel recapped the recent "Saturday Night Live" skit of the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both the article and the Saturday Night Live skit were more or less accurate about the events of the debate; however, they also provided insight into a modern trend in American politics.

11/7/2016 1:14am

Letter: Gov. Pat McCrory has done well for N.C.

I want to discuss the article “McCrory and Cooper (hold first debate).” I do not take fault with the article, because it summarizes the debate. The debate was nasty, neglecting to discuss important economic issues in-depth, instead focusing on polarizing social issues.

11/7/2016 1:12am

Letter: ​Clinton is still a step forward for America

I don’t go to your school. I haven’t been in college since 1971. I’m a registered independent who’s so worried about this election that I’m contacting college newspapers in swing states. I hope you will indulge me.