10/2/2008 12:00am

Important to get the facts right about new airport

TO THE EDITOR: Talk of replacing Horace Williams Airport with a new airport worries some Orange County residents. We understand the natural questions. Has a site already been chosen? Where? Will it be in my back yard?

10/2/2008 12:00am

Reader feedback: Online comments for October 4

""I can't imagine an issue more pertinent to a local issue than the existence of a local bubble. And I can't imagine a more pertinent time or place to discuss such an issue than in the opinion section on the eve of a financial catastrophe.""

9/30/2008 12:00am

Concerned over lack of coverage of economy

TO THE EDITOR: While I love Chapel Hill as much if not more than many of my fellow students occasionally I am forced to admit there is life outside of our beautiful quad and idealisms. Be it higher gas prices global warming or say the recent downturn of … our entire economy our bubble is by no means impenetrable.

9/30/2008 12:00am

Writer misuses quote by JFK against Sen. Obama

TO THE EDITOR: The quote by President John F. Kennedy that Robert Johnson uses in his letter to the editor (""Sen. Obama should take a page out of JFK's book" Sept. 29) is one of the most misused quotes of all time.

9/29/2008 12:00am

Sen. Obama's tax position appealing but damaging

TO THE EDITOR: Sen. Obama claims that somehow if the corporations simply pay more taxes all will be right on the federal balance sheet. Obama's message about making the big bad corporations pay their fair share is undoubtedly popular and appealing.

9/28/2008 12:00am

Sen. Obama would reduce taxes on the middle class

TO THE EDITOR: In Friday's debate Sen. Obama spoke clearly and forcefully about the challenges of working Americans yet Sen. McCain failed to mention the middle class even once. We can't afford four more years of the same anti-regulation trickle-down philosophy that has given us record budget deficits 1 million lost jobs and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

9/25/2008 12:00am

Smoking ban produces more nuisances not less

TO THE EDITOR: Tuesday's feature on smoking failed to assess the effectiveness on the campuswide smoking ban. While much attention has been devoted to civil liberties aspect of the ban few seem to have noticed how it has failed to achieve its goals of reducing smoking and secondhand smoke at UNC.

9/25/2008 12:00am

Kvetching board for September 26

kvetch: v.1 (Yiddish) to complain. To the wannabe quarterback in the middle of the student section — there is a reason you're in the stands and not on the field not the least of which is your current blood-alcohol content.

9/25/2008 12:00am

No specific fundraising goal" article misleading

TO THE EDITOR: Regarding (Thursday's) lead story about the University's future fundraising plans (""UNC aims to raise $4 billion"")"" The Daily Tar Heel has inaccurately characterized a presentation that I made to a Board of Trustees committee on Wednesday. I specifically said that the University was not announcing a new fundraising campaign and that the information being presented represented our current preliminary planning efforts.

9/25/2008 12:00am

After endorsement voter changes mind on Perdue

TO THE EDITOR: I was somewhat surprised to see Democratic gubernatorial candidate (Lt. Gov.) Bev Perdue receive endorsements from the major NC law enforcement organizations.  On the other hand this is a woman who wants to deny access to college education to illegal immigrants who were forced to come here as toddlers with their parents who did break the law.  It defies logic to punish children for events they had no say in.  

9/25/2008 12:00am

Partisan bickering does not advance discourse

TO THE EDITOR: I've never been so exhausted in my life. Not from homework. Not from exercise. Not from staying up late at night. I'm exhausted from this election. I used to love politics. I found it exciting and dynamic and important. But I think that this election just may do me in.

9/23/2008 12:00am

Smokers must stop taking themselves so seriously

TO THE EDITOR: I've got to be honest" some of the quotes in the article ""Social Smoking Endures"" are just too silly to ignore. Smoking as one of the last vestiges of our civil liberties?"" Smokers are ""free-thinking"" heady intellectuals?"" And ""less shallow?""

9/23/2008 12:00am

Dog gains new life after released from his chains

TO THE EDITOR: Neptune is a young pit bull mix who lives with the grandparents of his owner on the outskirts of Chapel Hill. The grandfather is an invalid who lives at home and is cared for by his wife.

9/23/2008 12:00am

Campus Y Career Services help students find funding

TO THE EDITOR:Campus Y and University Career Services have designed a new interface to the GrantSource Library that will help students find funding for their summer travel and service work.