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Saturday August 13th


Letter: ​We should look at Zionism objectively

As an alumnus, I read The Daily Tar Heel occasionally and am concerned that one of the most compelling issues that motivates students on California campuses is the subject of Zionism and the gross human rights violations being perpetrated on the indigenous Palestinian people who have been militarily occupied for over five decades and who must endure living in an apartheid situation.

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Letter: ​DTH should disable online comments

As a writer, I know that criticism is a key part of the writing process, and I embrace all efforts to get me to think of my writings in a different way, or improve the clarity of my work. However, I also know what it feels like to have hours of work met with ridicule and harassment that in no way attempts to create a meaningful discussion about the issue I am writing about.

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Letter: ​Good instruction needs administration

In response to the editorial “Instruction, not administration, is our mission,” there is a fundamental flaw in the argument of the benefits of cutting administration. Administration and instruction are innately linked together.

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Letter: ​Vote beyond your personal interests

In a recent discussion with one of my friends, he expressed his opinion that House Bill 2 should not hurt Gov. Pat McCrory’s chances of reelection because he sees it as a non-issue. In his words, the economic growth of N.C. should take precedent over where people can use the restroom.

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Letter: ​Why did we celebrate the state tax rating?

I feel compelled to respond to Friday’s strange piece by CJ Farris in the DTH celebrating the Tax Foundation’s tax ranking of N.C. Thanks to McCrory’s efforts in reducing corporate taxes and changing personal income tax to a flat rate, we’re now the 11th best state for taxes, 4th for corporate taxes and 15th for personal taxes. Hooray!

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Letter: ​Shrinking the BOG spells out bad news

UNC’s wildly unpopular System President Margaret Spellings was quoted in the Charlotte Observer suggesting that the UNC Board of Governors, campus-level Boards of Trustees, and the UNC General Administration could all stand to be reduced in size.

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Letter: ​Two for Two stands for unity for UNC

In his letter to the editor Thursday, (Student Congress) Speaker (Cole) Simons corrected an issue from The Daily Tar Heel’s coverage of Tuesday’s GPSF Senate meeting. However, the Speaker’s primary claims against the Two for Two campaign misrepresent the case for separation.

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