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Thursday February 25th


Letter: ​One shamrock does not an Irish Bar make

With reference to your article of Sept. 6th “Wilmington sports bar will take over Fitzgerald’s spot on Franklin Street,” I would like to point out that the prior bars in that space were never true Irish bars, or having “an Irish focus.”

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Letter: ​Coming to terms with the 1978 election

I am trying to get full credit before November for my vote totals in my one statewide political campaign — the 1978 Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina — so as to add credibility to my forthcoming freelance editorial endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President.

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Letter: Open up the DTH’s board of directors

Recently due to budget constraints, The Daily Tar Heel’s board of directors made the decision to terminate two employees on the paper’s small professional staff who had a combined half century of experience guiding this institution.

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​Letter: UNC failed to help Delaney Robison

Bravo to Delaney Robinson (Daily Tar Heel, September 14, 2016, ‘I did everything a rape victim was supposed to do’) for having the courage to “go public” about the horrendous sexual assault she experienced in February. And another “Bravo” to her dad for his support and love.

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Letter: ​UNC needs a museum for Southern history

TO THE EDITOR UNC Walk for Health would like to suggest the establishment of a Museum of Southern United States History on the campus of the University of North Carolina. This proposed museum would feature exhibits, artifacts, memorabilia, photos, videos and a library, and host symposiums, seminars and panel dicussions with an emphasis on the antebellum era.

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Letter: ​Make a statement through protest

As a third generation Tar Heel, proud alumna and football season ticket holder, nobody loves this University and its sports teams more than I do. As a woman, a prosecutor, and a friend to several sexual assault victims, however, nobody is angrier than I am over the University’s handling of sexual assault cases. 

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Letter: Go to events that help the humanities

Last week, the College of Arts and Sciences launched a new initiative called Carolina’s Human Heart: Living the Arts and Humanities, which will showcase the relevance and diversity of the humanities over the upcoming year.

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Letter: Stand with the workers of UPS

We call on you once more to come and stand with the workers as we stand with the workers of United Postal Service here in Durham, North Carolina. We stand in support for all workers that are in unsafe and hostile workplaces around the nation.

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Letter: ​Politicians should hear scientists out

As a lifelong North Carolinian and UNC student who studies environmental policy, I was elated when I learned that my university was receiving funding from the state legislature for an environmental policy initiative. However, I quickly grew disappointed when I learned that this funding was merely a mechanism for state legislatures to interject politics into environmental research. Political leaders claim the initiative will allow state lawmakers to access the university’s expertise for future policy issues.

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Letter: ​Google Fiber is afraid of the internet

Your article didn’t note that the Carrboro hub siting process had no public input, or that Google wouldn’t talk to our neighborhood. Not even Carrboro is a “people over profits” town. Here, enamored officials rushed the siting of the hub through the zoning process — visit

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Letter: Consider preferential voting

For those who are newer to campus than others, you may not remember the “joys” of the run-off election. The time honored tradition where no candidate for student body president gets 50 percent plus 1 of the vote, and the top two candidates have to campaign for another week. The campaign staffs are worn by fatigue, students have to endure another week of shouting in the Pit and ultimately candidates spend most of their time informing people that they do, in fact, have to vote again.

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