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Thursday April 22nd


Letter: ​Consider the theme of entrepreneurship

TO THE EDITOR: Few students and faculty would disagree with the Sept. 6 editorial, “Fee would betray values,” about the fact that a $3,000 increase in fees in the Kenan-Flagler Business School would be unfortunate and at odds with the state’s oft-cited constitutional article extolling affordability. But the quoted rationale for the fee increase — that students “feel that they are getting more as a result of being a business major/minor than their counterparts and recognize that they have not yet had to pay for this” — indeed reflects many of the core values now openly expressed, if not praised, by the University’s use of the term entrepreneurship.

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Letter: ​An environmental fight worth having

The Environmental Protection Agency has long reported the dangerous consequences of the global greenhouse effect; it has pointed to carbon emissions from coal, oil and natural gas as the primary contributors. Carbon dioxide emissions account for 80.9 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions.

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Letter: New campus security app, PhoneFlare

Please consider sharing this volunteer-run app, PhoneFlare. I can send you hundreds of dust plugs if you like and cards to pass out. My son spent a year of his personal time devoted to this free campus security app. Please share.

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Letter: ​Reasons why UNC did not do well Saturday

TO THE EDITOR: I am a Patriots fan in New England and while I am not used to losing, I am especially uncomfortable losing when I feel I have the best team.  First of all, may I state that when we get a “Neutral Site” game, let’s not call one in the opposition’s capital city (Atlanta), at their biggest NFL stadium and 90 percent of the fans, A NEUTRAL FIELD ! I very sincerely felt that our play selection was horrendous.  We have excellent receivers.  A bunch of passes laterally 20 or 30 yards didn’t work on the first two plays (poor Ryan Switzer), but continued not to work the entire game­ — especially the infamous “touchback.” I’m convinced that Trubisky is an excellent quarterback, but the plays he was given to work with completely arrested his talents. Maybe just a few more passes down the field or across the field would have helped both the receivers and Trubisky.  I am also concerned over the defense.  Not much has to be said.  Great at times ... on break at others.  My final comments are to Coach Fedora.  A great coach, but “pick your battles.” Don’t blow up on every call.

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Letter: ​Efforts to make better bathroom signs

TO THE EDITOR:  An editorial in Friday’s The Daily Tar Heel (“One step forward, three steps back for inclusivity”) questioned the removal of the gender-neutral restroom signage at The Campus Y. To clarify and put the sign removal into context, the Campus Y was not targeted for sign replacement.  Rather, it was one stop among many by Facilities Services staff to post consistent, compliant signage throughout campus to indicate gender-neutral facilities and to add to the campus inventory of gender-neutral facilities. Regardless of intent, however, we do recognize the sensitivity around this issue.  In response to the concerns that were shared during the first week of the semester about signage, we are changing signs for all gender-neutral facilities to a pictogram of a toilet and the word “restroom,” which still follows federal government recommendations and is a clearly recognizable symbol used around the world.  This news was shared in the Chancellor’s Aug.

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Letter: ​Berkely and A&M are worlds apart

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to correct a detail in the graphic on the front page of The Daily Tar Heel this week.  Texas A&M University is not in northern California.  It is in Texas.  (And culturally, Texas A&M could not possibly be farther from Berkeley.) Stephen Lich Senior Lecturer Economics Texas A&M University (regrettably) Class of ’97

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Letter: Make your extra second meaningful

Grunts and groans about the presidential election aside, 2016 will be remembered for many things — the Rio Olympics, the latest Harry Potter sequel, the Powerball-winning Chester County resident (OK, only interesting to people in Pennsylvania) and Black Lives Matter protests in Baltimore and other cities across the U.S.

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