2/21/2019 11:43pm

Sophomore K.J. Smith (30) drives past N.C. State players during game in early February. UNC men's basketball beat NC state with the most points scored on the Wolfpack since 2003. UNC won 113-96 at the Smith Center on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019

K.J. Smith makes a name for himself at UNC while embracing his dad's basketball legacy

“I just feel like I'm a younger version of him, almost,” K.J. Smith said with a laugh. “There's a picture my sister took on the couch and we're both just like doing the same exact thing.” It isn’t hard to tell K.J. now fully embraces his dad’s legacy, to the point of letting his teammates call him “Baby Jet.” But it wasn’t always easy for the 22-year-old to be the namesake of the two-time NBA champion.

2/19/2019 8:34pm

zach goins

Column: Duke vs. UNC, celebrity edition

"Can you smell it? That sweet, sweet mixture. The sweat of thousands of people who just sprinted from every direction. The smoke of a freshly lit bonfire burning on Franklin Street. The putrid scent of misery and despair drifting down 15-501 from 10 miles away."