Learn About Differences Within Minority GroupsFor True Understanding


With the influx of Latinos to North Carolina, residents of this state have had to face the emergence of a new people and a new culture.

Many might think that because we speak the same language we are all the same - just another large group of immigrants coming to this country to try and get whatever we can of the American dream.

Well, we're NOT all the same. What we know of as Latin America consists of more than 20 different countries.

Men's soccer

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Contest Yields Plans for Land

Plans for one of the last undeveloped and most visible parcels of land in Chapel Hill hinge on the winner of a design competition, approved Monday night. The Chapel Hill Town Council chose a design by Duda/Paine Architects of Durham as the winner of the Northeast Gateway design competition. Roger Waldon, director of the Chapel Hill Planning Department, said the gateway is one of the crucial parcels left to be developed in town. "It is an absolutely critical place in Chapel Hill," he said.

Grant to Recruit Minorities

A collaborative effort between UNC-Chapel Hill and two of the state's historically black universities aims to increase the number of minority students enrolled in graduate-level biomedical and life science programs. The Partnership for Under-Represented Scientists United for Education (PURSUE) - using a half-million dollar grant provided by the National Institutes of Health - plans to recruit underrepresented minority students to enroll in master's degree programs at N.C. Central University and N.C.

University Day ProtestWas a Call to Action,Not a Callous Disruptio

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing in response to the editorial of Oct. 17 ("Off on the Wrong Foot") and Dr. Richard Smith's letter on Oct. 19 "Chants of Protesters Disrupted Ceremony, Damaged Their Cause," both of which shared the same view: The housekeepers' protest on University Day alienated the very people they needed to convert. Both authors warned darkly that the support for the housekeepers would be taken away if they continued to make trouble.

Local Police See Rise in Fake Money

By Stephanie Furr Some area businesses have fallen prey to an outbreak of counterfeit money that police officials say could total at least $1,000 in confirmed reports. Last week, Carrboro police received reports of three different incidents of counterfeit $50 and $100 bills received by businesses. But officials would not comment on possible connections between the crimes. And while local law enforcement says such incidents are rare, state officials say the use of counterfeit bills is not unusual throughout North Carolina. Food Lion Stores at 104 N.C.

Jazz, Classical Merge `In Gabrieli's Garden'

Classical and jazz chamber music meet tonight in a collaborative performance featuring the music of great jazz and classical wind composers. Entitled "Miles Davis in Gabrieli's Garden," the concert consists of separate performances by UNC jazz and wind ensembles. With a title inspired by jazz musician Wynton Marsalis's classical album In Gabriel's Garden, the concert places an emphasis on chamber music, which is an intimate style focusing on small-group performances, said James Ketch, UNC's jazz band director.

17 Internet Sites to Post Candidate Q&A

Seventeen leading Internet sites are joining together to provide the first online presidential debate in history. The Web White & Blue Rolling Cyber Debate is sponsored by the Markle Foundation, a group that promotes public service communications. Internet users can submit questions to the presidential candidates by logging on to the Web site at www.webwhiteblue.org until Election Day.

Dinner Helps Unite Students of All Faiths

A group of UNC students spent their Monday night church-hopping in Chapel Hill, exploring other religions while enjoying different cuisine. Sponsored by the student level of the Campus Ministry Association, the 2000 CMA Progressive Dinner featured followers of a variety of faiths including Catholics, Episcopalians, Jews, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Unitarians, members of the United Church of Christ and followers of Baha'

Area Democrats Address Students

In a roomful of Democratic supporters, local candidates spoke to students at the Young Democrats "Meet the Candidates" forum Monday night. Three Democratic candidates for local office used the opportunity to come out and speak directly to students on campaign issues and the importance of student involvement. Sen. Ellie Kinnaird, D-Orange, who is up for re-election in November, was the first of the candidates to speak. Kinnaird spoke of her focus on education and the environment and the importance of student involvement in elections.

Molding the Minds of Our Youths

I have always been amazed by the schizophrenic attitude of some liberals toward media issues. On the one hand, liberals insist that advertisements for cigarettes are responsible for coercing millions of children and adults into tobacco abuse each year. Advocates of this view are so sure that cigarette advertisements "cause" underage smoking that they file lawsuits against tobacco companies. Meanwhile, these same folks insist that the media has little or nothing to do with the rising tide of youth violence in America. Remember the Columbine shooting?

Next UNC Provost Preps for Move,Feb. 1 Start Date

UNC's next provost has 3 1/2 months to resolve all the issues in his personal and professional life and get ready for a move across the country. Although Robert Shelton said he still has innumerable tasks to complete in his job with the University of California system, he said he looks forward to his transition to UNC, where he will take office Feb. 1. "The chancellor and I talked about the optimal start date and put the date we arrived at after our conversation before the Board of Governors," he said.

Basketball Diary- DTH Reporter Recounts Tryout for Men's Hoops

As I walked into my poorly lit dorm room Thursday afternoon, I saw the red, blinking No. 1 on my answering machine that would decide my fate. I already knew what the message was pertaining to. And I had a good idea what it was going to ultimately say. "Hi, Bret, how are you," the message starts. "This is Coach Q from the basketball office. It's just about 11 o'clock on Thursday.

ASU Death Brings No Reforms

UNC-system campus administrators say the recent death of an Appalachian State University student will not prompt changes in their alcohol abuse prevention programs. Philip Thompson, a 21-year-old junior from Charlotte, was found dead Wednesday by his roommate. Police reports state that the victim's roommate said Thompson consumed a large quantity of alcohol the night before he was found dead in his bed - the night of his 21st birthday.

Council Delays Decision On Cameron Restriping

Richard Goldberg spoke to the Chapel Hill Town Council about his greatest fear as a biker - getting "doored." Goldberg, of 202 Fallen Log East in Chapel Hill, was at the meeting Monday night to speak to the council about an item on its consent agenda calling for the restriping of part of West Cameron Avenue, which would eliminate a turn lane for part of the avenue and perhaps leave bikers to fight the traffic in the road. But Goldberg said one of the biggest concerns of bicycle riders is not the moving cars but the stationary ones.