2/23/2020 6:27pm

The members of Tar Heel Raas, an Indian dance organization at UNC-Chapel Hill, rehearse at Rams Head Recreation Center on Monday, Feb. 17, 2020.

UNC's vibrant culture of Indian dance comes to life in spring competition season

As competition season reaches its height, UNC's Indian dance teams are practicing more than ever. The Daily Tar Heel watched rehearsals and interviewed representatives from four of the major Indian dance teams — Tar Heel Raas, UNC Chalkaa, Ek Taal and Bhangra. Each team has a unique focus and style, but all share a commitment to their craft, practicing up to 12 hours a week. With each performance and each rehearsal, these students get to experience their culture and express their identity. 

2/27/2020 9:15pm

Editorial: Let's flip the Board of Governors

"This year, the Editorial Board urges you to pay close attention to the N.C. House and Senate races for your district (in addition to those for other state and local offices). Ignorance and/or indifference is no longer an acceptable excuse, especially not when so much is at stake."

2/27/2020 7:54pm

Editorial: Rent is too damn high

"The affordable housing crisis has many interrelated causes, most of which require far-reaching structural change to mend. Nevertheless, $10 million can help house hundreds of families."

2/27/2020 7:08pm

Rajee headshot

Column: Those who can't teach, do

"Although some individuals act as teaching assistants for courses or mentor undergraduates during rotations and thesis work, doctoral programs very rarely require curriculum on how to prepare for and teach a lecture course, how to effectively mentor trainees or even how to manage grant money outside of individual projects and among larger groups."

2/25/2020 7:54pm

Bob Hall headshot. Photo courtesy of Bob Hall.

Op-ed: Hot tips and a hotline for voting in the primary

From a hotline to answers to your questions on voter ID,  the former executive director of Democracy North Carolina, Bob Hall, outlines tips and resources for voting in the upcoming March 3 primaries.