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UNC sophomore journalism major Parker Brown poses for a portrait while the song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley swirls around her.

Office DJ: On growing up

"Upon rediscovering these songs in middle school, I cried for hours. Sometimes I still cry listening to them. I miss being a toddler in Cleveland, Ohio (yes, I’m from Cleveland and I love it), when my parents were still together and I had no responsibilities."

9/24/2020 1:40am

Two examples of students’ home screens customized through iOS 14. Photos courtesy of Kayla Dang (left) and Grace Lena (right).

Students customize homescreens in iOS 14 update

The update has been an outlet for self-expression for students everywhere, to the point that reorganizing your home screen has become a TikTok trend. Students have taken vastly different approaches to their home screen decor, each creating their own aesthetically-pleasing look.