9/17/2020 10:41pm

Chapel Ridge Apartments is an off-campus apartment complex where many UNC students live.

Town officials, students concerned about uncertainty of off-campus COVID-19 reporting

Uncertainty regarding the accuracy of off-campus students’ COVID-19 testing and reporting persists. Carrboro Town Council Member Randee Haven-O’Donnell said she is concerned about the accuracy of off-campus student case reporting. Taylor Steele, a senior at UNC who lives in off-campus apartment complex Chapel Ridge, said she believes there are cases at Chapel Ridge, even though she said she hasn’t received any notification from the apartment complex about testing, reporting or positive cases.  Courtney Schnee, the senior vice president and asset manager at Northwood Ravin, said Northwood Ravin has taken several steps to limit the spread of coronavirus at its Chapel Hill properties, including using hospital-grade sanitizing misters and restricting the capacity of amenities such as the pool.

9/17/2020 6:38pm

Sophomore Aashna Shah is the UNC Sangam Secretary of External Affairs.

Elevate: South Asians need to forget 'What will people think?'

"According to some parents, having a mental illness can be shameful, so they are told to suppress their feelings. Conversations about mental health are on the rise, especially amongst our generation; however, in South Asian households, it still seems to be a taboo."