11/7/2018 7:41pm

People watch results at the N.C. GOP election party Tuesday night.

N.C. Republicans lose another opportunity to control state Board of Elections

An amendment to shift power towards the state legislature slated by Republicans fell short of approval, as 61.2 percent of voters reject the removal of a non-partisan board member from the Board of Elections, along with the removal of N.C. Governor's power. But some voters say the wording of the amendments on the ballots contributed to voter confusion. 

10/2/2018 10:15pm

A gender non-specific bathroom sign hangs outside a Campus Y bathroom.

HB2's replacement isn't going anywhere

For the first time, a federal judge stated that HB142, HB2's replacement, does not prevent transgender people from using facilities that match their gender identity on Sunday.

8/22/2018 8:19pm

Photo contributed by Mary Parry.
Long lines at DMVs throughout the Triangle are causing visitors to wait up to 8 hours.

Wait times at the DMV continue to get worse

With the new REAL ID set to begin in October of 2020, North Carolina DMVs are seeing even longer waits than normal, and a voter ID amendment appearing on the ballot in November could make this problem even worse.