4/4/2017 11:21am

NCAA announces it will consider NC bids for championship sites

The NCAA Board of Governors announced Tuesday that it will consider North Carolina’s bids for championship sites — after a partial repeal of HB2 became law on Friday. During the legislative process, the NCAA said it did not lobby for any particular change. “The Board of Governors, however, was hopeful that the state would fully repeal HB2 in order to allow the host communities to ensure a safe, healthy, discrimination-free atmosphere for the championship sites,” the NCAA Board of Governors said in a press release. And the board remains concerned about the public perception of a moratorium on enacting or amending non-discrimination ordinances until December 2020 — which passed as a part of N.C.

4/3/2017 12:21am

Bill aims to allow guns in churches

A bill originally permitting gun owners to bring weapons to church services held in school buildings passed with a majority vote in the N.C. House March 27 and passed its first Senate reading the next day.