3/25/2015 12:39am

Landlords: the town’s new Northside initiative is futile

Town officials and advocacy organizations are using a $3 million loan from the University to help long-term, low-income residents find homes in the Northside neighborhood — but some landlords say the market has already shifted to better suit student renters.

3/16/2015 1:43am

UNC gives $3 Million loan to Northside

The University is providing a $3 million no-interest loan to help with the acquisition and resale of properties in the historically black, low-income Northside neighborhood, which has largely become home to college students in rental homes. 

3/5/2014 4:47pm

Affordable housing concerns Northside advocates

In the two weeks since its release, Student Body President Christy Lambden’s petition to repeal Chapel Hill’s four-person occupancy rule has elicited a mixed response from students and town residents. But the resulting conversation has converged upon the lack of affordable housing in Chapel Hill.

11/24/2013 4:32pm

Moseley Architects is winning an award for their design of Northside Elementary School in Chapel Hill. Northside Elementary on Wednesday morning. North Carolina School Boards Association's Award for Excellence in Architectural Design

Northside school designer wins award

Moseley Architects won The Award For Excellence in Architectural Design last week at the North Carolina School Board Association conference in Greensboro. Moseley was the firm responsible for the construction of the new Northside Elementary School in Chapel Hill this year — the project that won it the prize.