12/8/2009 1:11am

DTH/Christine Hellinger and Ryan Kurtzman

Historic church to relocate to Rogers Road

Sunday morning at 101 N. Merritt Mill Road, and hymns and amens ring from the red brick sanctuary at the street corner.St. Paul’s African Methodist Episcopal is the oldest predominantly black church in Chapel Hill. Confronted with size limitations and a changing congregation, the building that has been a community center for the last 145 years opted for something radical.

12/8/2009 1:04am

Northside residents remember history

Velma Perry has lived at 308 Lindsay Street for 88 years.From the parlor window of the white and green bungalow house that her grandfather built in 1921, Perry has watched the historically black neighborhood of Northside change from a tight-knit community of single-family homes to a rental neighborhood for students.