2/18/2019 12:23am

claude wilson.jpg

Column: ICE must be destroyed

"Justifying the actions of ICE fundamentally requires that one believes that immigrants are less deserving of fundamental rights than other people, a vision of the world that places human worth on a hierarchy determined by where a person was born."

2/17/2019 9:23pm

Chris Dahlie

Editorial: Masters of their universe

"Graduate and professional students, we appreciate all you do for students, the University, the state, the nation and the world. Heaven helps those who help themselves. Get out and vote."

2/13/2019 1:21am

(Left to right) Ashton Martin, Jack Noble, Jane Tullis and Tarik Woods participated in the Student Body Presidential Debate on Thursday, Feb.7, 2019.  The Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies hosted the event in New West in front of a small audience comprised of UNC-Chapel Hill students.

Editorial: SBP election cycle was petty and dishonest

"The student body needs someone strong-willed and dignified to guide us through what is sure to be another tumultuous year. As for whether or not Martin will be that leader? Only time will tell. "