2/4/2020 7:50pm

Quiz: Which UNC library are you?

Whether you’re here to indulge your procrastination or because you genuinely just want to know which library is right for you, we hope this quiz can help you find what you’re looking for.

2/4/2020 7:09pm

Editorial: Don't drag racism into this

There is a fine line between heeding the warnings of government and health authorities and giving in to the global panic and discrimination against East Asians. This is a distinction of which we must be acutely aware and proactive about maintaining. 

2/2/2020 8:06pm

abhishek shankar

Column: Navigating grief for Kobe Bryant

I believe Kobe spent the rest of his life in this pursuit — likely not in most conducive ways to his victim, but still in the best ways he knew: as a son of the city, husband and father. I believe in the man Kobe tirelessly strove to be. And I grieve deeply for him, and the countless lives he touched.

2/2/2020 7:27pm

Editorial: Party like it's '1984'

The University has given us a false dichotomy, in which we ostensibly must give up our civil liberties in exchange for peace of mind. But there shouldn’t have to be a trade-off between safety and privacy. 

1/30/2020 7:59pm

Editorial: Free swim lessons for all!

This initiative is a solid step from within our community to alleviate some of the problems we face. It’s not often that we get to read about something so promising. Here’s to hoping this program, and similar ones, can expand to more schools across the state. 

1/28/2020 6:06pm

Editorial: Eight-week paid leave is not enough

"The Editorial Board applauds UNC for beginning to grant two types of four-week paid family leave beginning in January, particularly for being equitable in providing the benefit to all staff, non-faculty and part-time workers ...Yet it’s dangerous to become complacent in congratulations, and the Board encourages the University to extend their new paid leave policy."

1/26/2020 7:17pm

Mary Drue

Column: The best places to have sex on campus

But here’s the thing about study lounges — If I’m an RA in Hojo and I see two feet peeking out from under a table and a young first-year's head thrown back in glorious ecstasy, do I know what’s going on? Absolutely. But am I going to step in and say something? Looking less likely.