2/6/2019 9:45pm

elisa kadackal.jpeg

Column: Not enough, Lenoir

"Finding worms and undercooked meat being served at a dining hall accessible to UNC’s almost 20,000-person undergraduate population is disturbing, and not something one can just forget the next time they’re biting into Lenoir’s flavorless pineapple."

2/5/2019 11:47pm


Editorial: Say goodbye to Glenn, please

"Student leaders, who worked closely with Glenn and knew him well, made the decision to order his resignation unanimously, decisively and unquestionably – and we commend them for that. Senior stakeholders and the UNC administration, however, did not."

2/5/2019 10:27pm


Editorial: Students should welcome visiting fellows

Civil dialogue is the bridge that connects the fragmented political division of modern day America, and now McCrory, McIntyre and we as Tar Heels face a choice: Are we willing to cross it?

2/5/2019 9:57pm

Kent McDonald

Column: Learning to open my eyes

"I don’t really know how to make sense of a world where people do unimaginable things. I don’t know where such violence and hatred comes from. I don’t know what the right way to respond to something like this is, or if there even is one."

2/5/2019 9:47pm

claude smiling.JPG

Column: 'Gimme shelter'

"To the students here at UNC who intend to go into urban planning: you have so much potential to do good in this world, and I implore you to do what you can to transform housing from a commodity to a human right."

2/3/2019 8:04pm


Editorial: It's not ghosting if the relationship was never alive

"So, be adventurous and explore, but keep in mind what you’re actually looking for, and let the people you meet know. If you just wait for them to say what only you are thinking, eventually they’re just not going to say anything at all."