10/8/2019 8:17pm

Editorial: Keep race-conscious admissions at UNC

Affirmative action should not be about tokenizing people of color for diversity, it should be about creating multifaceted, critical learning spaces. At the same time, race-conscious admissions practices should challenge historically-white and exclusive institutions, like UNC. 

10/6/2019 9:19pm

Column: Self-care is not self-indulgent

Self-care is more than spa days and expensive skincare routines. In reality, the definition of self-care is remarkably fluid. It’s whatever you want or need it to be, and it doesn’t have to cost anything at all. 

10/2/2019 7:43pm


Guest Column: Hate, not heritage

"As a Black man, I personally use the number of Confederate flags displayed as a barometer for my own safety when traveling the American South. The more I see, the sooner I know to get out of Dodge."

9/30/2019 6:51pm

Mary Drue

Column: For best quality, use bi:

"How do we define bisexuality? Does it mean being consistently attracted to all genders, or does it allow for more fluidity? Or does your label change as your preferences do?"