9/26/2019 6:46pm

Rachel Joyner

Column: Me, your roommate

"Oh, Roommate. Most of what I know about you is, like an archeologist trying to understand the customs of an ancient civilization, based on long-abandoned artifacts."

9/24/2019 11:17pm

Column: Title X gag rule means women will pay

Banning funding to organizations that provide abortion referrals/services as part of their family planning care ensures that women benefiting from other forms of birth control, treatments, screenings and other medical examinations — many of which do not relate to abortion — would suffer from a dramatic reduction in their quality of life.

9/23/2019 9:24pm

Mary Drue

Column: Stripped: Pssst!

"All of a sudden, all these extra steps are being added in front of us, and the staircase seems like it’s never going to end. When will we get to the top; to that mythical ‘healthy relationship?!’"

9/20/2019 10:30am

The Morehead-Cain senior class designated the week of March 23 as Morehead-Cain Senior Week of Compassion in the memory of Wynn Burrus, a Morehead-Cain scholar who died last semester.  

In Memoriam: Letters to Wynn

A collection of letters celebrating the life and mourning the loss of UNC student Wynn Burrus.

9/18/2019 9:17pm

Letter: Classics professors oppose Program for Public Discourse

"This is all particularly relevant to us in the Classics department, where we are devoted to professional study of the material, linguistic and literary history of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Too often, "civic” programs — like the one supported by the UNC Board of Governors — use superficial interpretations of the ancient Mediterranean world to co-opt Classics in support of conservative ideologies."

9/18/2019 9:15pm

Letter: "Clemens' story does not comport with the facts"

"The AAUP is a body of faculty. Its desire is not to 'create a narrative' — indeed, it is Clemens’ story that does not comport with the facts — but rather to ensure that UNC continues to abide by the open, democratic, and regular processes of shared governance."