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Editorial: Get rich quick schemes versus college students


"College students have an obligation to stay vigilant of the signs of being recruited into a multi-level marketing scheme. Pitches to join sales teams can be from close friends or family members and incorporate buzzwords about the potential for success but do not let this confuse you from the detriment at stake."


Column: The ultimate guide to Valentine's Day


"Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many of you are stressed. The special day dedicated to showing that special someone how you feel through a series of activities and gifts can be daunting. Especially if you're on a budget. Or if you're in a long-distance relationship. Or if you're in a new relationship. Or if you're not even in a relationship at all! Whether you are single, dating or not wanting to break the bank, I have the ultimate Valentine's Day guide for you."


Column: You should take yourself on a date


"If the goal of a Valentine’s date is to create a special and memorable experience, why should it exclude 126.9 million people? This goes to show how hard dating actually is. So if you’re exhausted from swiping right, I have a proposal that may turn things around: date yourself!"


Column: The expiration date on social security


"Generation Z and most Millennials couldn’t spot a recession if it stole their latte. We know the textbook definition, sure, and its effects on our dad’s hairline, but many of us probably couldn’t predict how it would affect us. We’re familiar with the meltdown of the late 2000s and the pandemic crash, but this could be our first 'ordinary' recession, where we actually have to worry about making ends meet and navigating a struggling economy."


Op-ed: What skills will SCiLL teach?

"When the new curriculum was approved by the faculty, the administration, and our advisory boards, the plan was to secure funding for the new junior- and senior-level courses it required later. Later is now."


Column: In defense of the humanities


"But the humanities don't need to justify themselves with business and science. These enhance their resume but they have inherent virtues. The humanities study people. We are endowed with conscious complexity. We love, feel anger and can convey emotions through the power of art and music. We can create sociopolitical systems, wage wars and more. These are all at the core of our existence."


Editorial: Out with the old and in with the hue


"While we can never fear that color is going to disappear from our world, it does impact several factors in our lives. Color is something we take for granted, yet its presence changes our emotions, perception and ability to communicate and understand each other. Since the way our surroundings look affects us in so many ways, it's important that we do more to analyze what having a larger color palette can do for you."


Column: Sometimes, “bad” user interfaces are good


"A good interface shouldn't be noticed by the user. There should be consistency in the design of whatever websites or applications in order to offer the user a feeling of control. In the sense that being “good” is to be accessible, open and convenient, this definition is correct, but I feel like it is limited."


Column: Leave TikTok researchers to their devices


"Earlier this month, Gov. Roy Cooper signed Executive Order No. 276, prohibiting the use of certain applications, including TikTok, on state devices. The concerns raised by researchers have made the next steps imperative: states must critically evaluate the actual risks of social media platforms, mitigate those risks to protect users and safeguard academic freedom as more than an afterthought."


Column: 'Lucky Girl Syndrome'? Just call it privilege


"People who have had everything work out for them can claim the power of Lucky Girl Syndrome and ignore the benefits of privilege. While this obviously is not a binary system and manifestation is technically a pseudoscience, there is a clear line of privilege in the creators who praise the effects of Lucky Girl Syndrome. You may feel lucky, but is that because you manifested it, or because of the societal position you were probably just born into?"


Office DJ: Songs to take down Dook


"Basketball isn’t about three-pointers or buckets (well, maybe a little). For me and what I hope is the rest of Carolina fans, basketball is about one thing and one thing only: beating Duke."


Column: Inside enemy territory – a Tar Heel's guide to K-ville


"'Tenting' is the process by which Duke students acquire tickets to the UNC v. Duke basketball game played at Duke. The messy array of tents hoisted on splintered wooden pallets juxtaposes nicely with the pastiche stone buildings surrounding them. It’s a nice reminder that you can live in a tent for extended periods of time without being harassed by authorities, as long as you’re rich."

The Duke University Chapel on Duke’s West Campus, as photographed in 2017, serves as a symbol of the university.

Column: I'm proud of my public school


"I’m proud to say that I went public. The oddities that exist in the public school system are some of my favorite stories to tell. Did you have a classmate who sold ears of corn for extra cash at your private prep school? Did you have a friend who dressed up as a horse and galloped the halls? I didn’t think so — but my pals at public schools share similar stories. I think that's invaluable."


Column: The NHL's performative activism isn't good enough


"The NHL should not be playing both sides – if you’re going to celebrate pride, stand up to homophobia in your organization. Part of celebrating pride is educating yourself and that means recognizing that the “it’s just against my religion” argument is a homophobic one."


Column: Your sexual health is a priority


"Being open and honest about your sexual health is scary. Stigma related to sex and sexual health is deep rooted in our society, and women in particular are often judged for discussing their sexual behaviors and desires. Shame about sex and sexual health has overtime become embedded in policy, school, social media and religious institutions. And these stigmas are dangerous."


Column: AP African American history courses are long overdue


"It is time that we started telling the truth about how this country even came to be. It is not about tip-toeing around injustice and making white people feel comfortable about their family history. Black people have forcefully given so much toward the founding of this country, yet have received so little in return."