4/13/2020 7:18pm

Ryan Smoot

Column: Practicing mindfulness in times of fear

"Fears are as biological as any virus, simple byproducts of evolution and our environment. We all carry them with us — whether it’s a fear of dying, loneliness or forgetting to mute while Zooming on the toilet. But I truly believe, even for someone as anxious as I’ve been in my past, that we can control the extent to which our fear consumes us."

4/9/2020 9:26pm

A group of residents enter the West building at Granville Towers amidst two incidents of vandalism and verbal racial harassment that are now under investigation. The two incidents involve the defamation of Chinese New Year door decorations.

Op-ed: How COVID-19 has affected UNC's class of 2024

"I fear that I will miss out on the significant milestones in this new chapter of my life. Living away from my family, experiencing the difficulty of college classes and making lifelong friends, for instance, will all be shadowed by the influence of this virus."

4/6/2020 12:00am

Liam Bendezuclose, opinion writer. 

Column: Your negligence could kill my mom

The crisis seems abstract and difficult to imagine. For people with elderly family members or family members with preexisting conditions, the threat of the coronavirus exerts a very real pressure and imprints fear on day-to-day life. My family is one of them; my mom is immunocompromised. 

4/2/2020 9:42pm

Opinion writer Michael Beauregard.

Old North State stories: North Carolina on the home front

"Over the past several weeks, grocery store shelves have been completely cleared of toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, meats and non-perishable goods, creating an atmosphere of scarcity. Similarly, during World War II, North Carolinian families faced scarcity due to wartime rationing." 

4/2/2020 9:39pm

Abbas Hasan

Column: My parents work in health care. Here's what I've learned

"Both my parents work in the healthcare industry, and the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S. has posed a significant challenge to the two of them. My father is an infectious disease doctor in Dallas. He and other health care providers are working constantly to test and treat patients with the virus. My mother works with hospice and home health care companies, and her work, too, must continue amid coronavirus concerns."

3/29/2020 8:43pm

Opinion writer Rajee Ganesan poses for a portrait. Photo courtesy of Rajee Ganesan.

Column: What to expect when you're expecting (a pandemic)

There are two things that are going to mark the end of social distancing. One, enough of the population will have caught the virus and developed antibodies against it. Two, a vaccine will have been developed and available to the public. Although the first option would likely result in more fatalities, the second option isn’t exactly the go-to choice at the moment. 

3/24/2020 6:53pm

Letter: Graduate student stipends are too low

To say it rings hollow when the Dean of the Graduate School urges graduate students to come to campus in this moment because they are “an important part of the team” understates the appalling insensitivity of the message. What Dean Barbour conveyed, with crystal clarity, is that the graduate students are only an “important part of the team” when the University needs them.