Kvetching Board

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8/29/2019 10:30pm

What's next for UNC Police?

Regardless of who is at the helm, we will remain skeptical, because we believe that it is our responsibility to hold those in power accountable.

8/29/2019 9:28pm

Letter: Carolina needs to prove that we are 'For All Kind'

" We have abdicated this duty for far too long – on a municipal, state and national level – from our academic institutions to our criminal justice system – in the most pervasive and consequential ways. The time for reform is now, and in taking this action, UNC can fulfill its promise to be 'For All Kind.'” 

8/27/2019 8:17pm

Editorial: We're afraid

"But we must ask ourselves what we can do, as members of a premier academic institution, to put pressure on the necessary stakeholders and make this campus safer for the Tar Heels who will come after us."

8/26/2019 9:28pm

Letter: 'Stop attacking each other'

Lawrence Grossberg, Faculty Advisory Board member for the Program in Civic Virtue and Civil Discourse, responds to the Aug. 22 letter, "UNC administration excludes faculty and students to push conservative programming."

8/22/2019 10:05pm

Snaps for CAPS!

"This hotline is a small but important step toward making CAPS more inclusive; it allows anyone to access the mental health support they need at any time."

8/20/2019 11:32pm

Devon Johnson.jpg

Meet your 2019 Opinion Editor

My desk's mission to diversify our staff is not about stroking our progressive egos for the sake of having a postcard-worthy staff. This effort is about producing the best content possible while simultaneously uplifting the voices and opinions of marginalized folks in our community. 

8/20/2019 10:50pm

elisa kadackal.jpeg

Meet your 2019 Assistant Opinion Editor

This year I will be listening to others, taking in feedback, leading conversations and writing more columns. I am thankful for these moments, which are a result of the privilege that being a student here has afforded me.