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Office DJ: Songs with destinations


"This playlist is a reminder to me and those reading, travel as much as possible whether you go an hour away or across the globe — and do it while listening to music."


Column: What this year's Oscar nominations should've looked like


"The beauty of Awards season, though, is that these are just nominations, a way to recognize the greatness that the year in film has presented us. Much of that greatness was, fortunately, acknowledged by the Academy this year. But the Academy does not know all. And this is yet another year where that fact was made painfully clear. "


Column: It’s a nepo's world


"Suffice it to say that nepotism gives one opportunity many can’t attain, but it becomes another topic of discussion when one denies this reality."


Column: You don’t have to hate your hometown


"We’ve all seen the 'peaked in high school' tweets and TikTok videos. We know the stereotypical person who shares nostalgic memories on social media, wears their high school sweatshirt, reminisces on their 'glory days' and goes back to visit their favorite teacher. But why is that a bad thing? What’s wrong with reflecting on those days in a positive light?"

Taylor Barnhill - Copy Board Administrative Director

Office DJ: Songs for 20 years of life


"I hope that, when you listen to this cacophony of genres, you remember to trust yourself both now and in the future. You’ve gotten through all the hardship life has thrown your way so far, and there’s no reason why you can’t keep getting through it."

The Daily Tar Heel

Letter: UNC Hospital parking is not accessible

"The hourly rate of the Dogwood Parking Deck is $1.50 per hour, with a daily maximum of $10. Although it seems like a small expense, the sum can quickly add up when a patient has to stay in the hospital long-term or have families visit them daily."


Column: "The perfect body" has changed over the years


"My New Year’s resolution since age 12 was always 'get fit.' Each year I scribbled those words onto a piece of notebook paper and sealed it with an envelope addressed to my future self. While my goal remained constant over the years, the societal definition of what constituted in-shape evolved many times as I grew up."


Column: "Name three hip-hop songs"


"Through my years of being a woman who appreciates this kind of music, I have noticed men consistently have not taken me as seriously as other male fans. In no way am I an expert on every artist and album, but I often feel belittled by the misogynistic comments that men make toward me."


Editorial: UNC, just choose one.


"It’s difficult enough for the modern student to stay organized, and having to go between Canvas and Sakai to access our classes doesn’t help. They both serve the same purpose, so why don’t we just choose one?"


Office DJ: Songs to ground yourself when you are tired of shape-shifting


"This is where music, being the protagonist of my life, comes in. Music has always had healing powers over me. It grounds me when I am tired of shape-shifting. Certain songs remind me of who I am and all the steps I took to get where I am today. The real building blocks of my personality and not the artificial ones I sometimes feel pressured to replace them with."


Column: Thank you, Meghan Markle.


"Despite all of the vitriol that Meghan Markle has received from the media regarding her experiences, her words and her vulnerability have made me feel seen in a world where conversations like this are so frequently ignored. Putting aside whatever opinions one may have about the series and how Markle has carried herself, she has done so much for someone like me who has often felt so invalidated."


Column: My week of rejection therapy


"You get rejected – it’s an unavoidable aspect of life and you might as well accept its inevitability. I think I’ll pause on my rejection therapy for a while, but if you too tremble at the thought of asking for a refill while out to eat, it’s certainly something to consider."


Column: Down with Duke (Energy)


"Wide-scale blackouts because a company ran out of electricity during a weather event they had the potential to know about far ahead of time is not inevitable, nor is it something that we should accept. Duke Power does not deserve to continue existing. Private electric utility companies shouldn’t exist. Period."


Editorial: It's time to weed out weed-out classes


"Weed-out classes are introductory-level courses, typically in STEM, defined by an intensity and rigor that only allows its most high-performing students to progress. They are the infamous GPA tankers, unskippable pre-requisites and barriers to entry for a wide range of higher-level courses."