9/30/2019 6:51pm

Mary Drue

Column: For best quality, use bi:

"How do we define bisexuality? Does it mean being consistently attracted to all genders, or does it allow for more fluidity? Or does your label change as your preferences do?"  

9/29/2019 10:07pm

Editorial: On-campus safety resources at UNC

Due to recent events on campus, the editorial board has assembled this short list of resources for anyone who may be at-risk of interpersonal, sexual or gender-based violence. This list also includes two proactive trainings that anyone can complete to help create a safer environment on campus for us all.

9/29/2019 6:40pm

Kyende headshot

Column: How to greet the Nacirema

" I hope these two tips can help other ethnographers coming to study the Nacirema. Greetings may seem like a small detail at first, but they often give you a window into how people choose to interact with one another. As for Nacirema country, one can deduce a culture of isolation and apathy from their greeting customs."

9/27/2019 12:39am

Letter: In response to "The math of social democracy"

"Muslim immigrants to Denmark lead an entirely different life; a life in neighborhoods that the government refers to as 'ghettos,' and one in which that wonderful state-provided education system forcibly indoctrinates Muslim children into a Danish way of life." 

9/26/2019 6:46pm

Rachel Joyner

Column: Me, your roommate

"Oh, Roommate. Most of what I know about you is, like an archeologist trying to understand the customs of an ancient civilization, based on long-abandoned artifacts."

9/24/2019 11:17pm

Column: Title X gag rule means women will pay

Banning funding to organizations that provide abortion referrals/services as part of their family planning care ensures that women benefiting from other forms of birth control, treatments, screenings and other medical examinations — many of which do not relate to abortion — would suffer from a dramatic reduction in their quality of life.