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Wednesday December 2nd

A Chapel Hill resident waits at the Early Voting line at Chapel of the Cross on Franklin Street on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020.

Column: Meet 2020's scariest Halloween costume

"Once Halloween passes and Election Day comes and goes, don’t have a dumbfounded look on your face if your preferred candidate doesn’t win when you could — and should — have voted. You, sadly, will have to sulk around in that gut-wrenching costume for the next four years."

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Op-ed: COVID-19's grasp on small businesses

"If you are still living in Chapel Hill, it is important to shop locally and help your favorite local businesses stay afloat. Another solution that would make a drastic impact would be for lawmakers to pass a bill that would help small business owners. We have a state legislature that claims to support entrepreneurism, but little has been done to support small businesses."

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DTH Photo Illustration. The Rapidly Emerging Antiviral Drug Development Initiative is a new partnership at UNC-Chapel Hill that is aiming to develop drugs for future pandemic diseases.

Column: Can you trust a COVID-19 vaccine?

"Vaccines, in general, are usually safe, and as long as the data and results of the clinical trials are released to the public in a transparent and consistent fashion, there should be no reason to be wary of a COVID-19 vaccine that has undergone extensive testing."

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