3/17/2020 5:58pm

Mary King is a writer for the Arts & Culture desk. Photo courtesy of Mary King.

Guest column: OK, Zoomer (and other ways to avoid social isolation)

"Phones buzzed everywhere Wednesday afternoon when students received the (very expected) COVID-19 email from the University. All at once, thousands of eyes scanned the page, and mixed feelings flooded the student body. It was this moment that sealed our impending enrollment in, as recent internet discourse has called it, Zoom University."

3/5/2020 10:05pm

Editorial: Support UCSC graduate workers

"Given the dire financial precariousness facing graduate workers here and around the country, the Editorial Board joins StrikeDownSam’s endorsement of the UCSC strike and its condemnation of the UC administration’s termination of strikers."

3/3/2020 10:14pm

Devon Johnson, opinion editor. 

Column: Bye bye, Buttigieg

While this middle-of-the-road ideology is understandable in an effort to cast a wide net, it left a lot of us wondering if his willingness to take a backseat to outspokenness on queer issues — particularly those that impact queer people of color — would translate to his time as president.

3/3/2020 7:52pm

Paige Masten

Column: At UNC, sexual assault has always been a problem

In Oct. 2019, the Association of American Universities’ Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct announced that one in three female undergraduate students at UNC has been a victim of sexual assault during their time in college. However, sexual assault has been a problem at UNC for decades. 

3/1/2020 7:55pm

Edit Board Headshot

Column: Graduate workers deserve livable wages

"You could argue that activism is voluntary, but the alternative is sitting by while our colleagues, students and ourselves are subjected to repeated institutional violence that, without organizing, will continue to be perpetuated in our workplace."

3/1/2020 7:50pm

Editorial: In budget fight, politics continue to plague UNC System

The UNC System has been derailed by politics for far too long, and untangling itself from this web of partisanship begins with the Board of Governors. If Democrats are able to win back the General Assembly in November, they shouldn’t just appoint far-left liberals to the UNC BOG. Instead, change the structure to a non-partisan board, chosen by merit over partisanship, with equal appointment power to Democratic and Republican leaders. 

2/27/2020 9:15pm

Editorial: Let's flip the Board of Governors

"This year, the Editorial Board urges you to pay close attention to the N.C. House and Senate races for your district (in addition to those for other state and local offices). Ignorance and/or indifference is no longer an acceptable excuse, especially not when so much is at stake."

2/27/2020 7:54pm

Editorial: Rent is too damn high

"The affordable housing crisis has many interrelated causes, most of which require far-reaching structural change to mend. Nevertheless, $10 million can help house hundreds of families."

2/27/2020 7:08pm

Opinion writer Rajee Ganesan poses for a portrait. Photo courtesy of Rajee Ganesan.

Column: Those who can't teach, do

"Although some individuals act as teaching assistants for courses or mentor undergraduates during rotations and thesis work, doctoral programs very rarely require curriculum on how to prepare for and teach a lecture course, how to effectively mentor trainees or even how to manage grant money outside of individual projects and among larger groups."