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Reluctantly, satire: A formal request to The Daily Tar Heel's editors


"To me, this is more reflective of the lack of critical thinking skills in this generation than anything. If your first reaction after reading something is to immediately take offense to it instead of considering that it might not be serious or that there’s a deeper point being made, then you need to work on taking a step back."


Office DJ: Lana Del Rey, notice me please


"I've ranked Lana Del Rey's discography from worst to best, perfect for people looking to change their lives for the better by becoming a Lana fan. It's also great for the hardcore fans like me, as long as you agree and offer no suggestions."


Column: Don't let up on the Starbucks boycott now


"Consumers have the opportunity to keep up the momentum from this boycott and to organize others to push for what they want from these corporations. Better pay, more paid vacation time and safer work environments are all possible with persistent effective boycotting in solidarity with both unions and Palestine."


Op-ed: UNC deserves better, Lee Roberts ain’t it.

"While local media rightfully criticizes Roberts’ lack of experience as a school administrator, this appointment is more than a matter of inexperience. Lee Roberts’ history directly opposes UNC Chapel Hill’s “unwavering commitment to excellence.”


Satire: Who would win? Round three.


"For those of my readers who are not quite hip to historical events, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the Austria-Hungary throne in 1914, when he was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist group which ultimately resulted in the invasion of Serbia by Austria-Hungary. This subsequently started World War I."


Column: This campus needs to call it what it is; a genocide


"There is not a single mention of neutrality in Guskiewicz's initial statement. If the chancellor can comprehend that innocent people dying is not a political matter when discussing Israel, why was the murder of thousands of Palestinians suddenly subject to talks of institutional neutrality?"


Editorial: The Editorial Board’s year in review


"We aim to be holistic in our commentary and consider multiple viewpoints when we meet each week before releasing an opinion or calling for change. We also acknowledge that we are not able to comment on everything and we have, at times, overlooked important issues." 


Op-ed: Hillel is here

"UNC Hillel is a space to grieve, process our emotions and be with a community who understands during this time. Hillel listens and supports us as tensions rise on our campus and antisemitism surges online and in Chapel Hill."