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Saturday September 18th

A small group stands near the Old Well behind South Building on Sept. 12, 2020.

Op-ed: Let's create a Coalition for Carolina

"Most importantly, the current governance structure means that we are unable, as an institution, to live our values. The faculty, staff and students cannot change this situation alone. We need all those that love Carolina to come to our aid in a concerted, organized, sustained effort to reform the way our campus is governed and chart a forward course."

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UNC senior and former student intern for U.S. PIRG, Hannah Elkins, wrote the USPIRG op-ed.

Op-ed: The Power of Pell and Senator Richard Burr’s Opportunity

"By advocating to double Pell, Senator Richard Burr can invest in the future: current and prospective low and middle-income students who depend on financial aid to enroll in higher education would be able to do so without being a burden to their families. Additionally, more students could obtain college degrees and have a chance at financial mobility with much less debt."

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Op-ed: Set a date to review Hannah-Jones for tenure

"Should it become clear that Ms. Hannah-Jones will not be given a fair hearing and vote as has every other candidate for the position she will hold, faculty will no doubt leave this university. Why stay when promotion or tenure may be delayed or denied because of someone else’s politics?"

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