10/16/2009 12:07am

Costume should be about you, not crowd

Ah, Halloween. Less than half a month away. The time of year when a girl’s inner kitty-cat prostitute can run free.It isn’t so much that I’m against sexy bees/nurses/Eskimos/fire hydrants/whatever, it’s more that they’re so uninspired. A shortened hem and a pair of fishnets does not a costume make.A woman who follows the list below may not get the catcalls, but she’s guaranteed to have a blast all her own.

10/16/2009 12:05am

Vote early, avoid the rush: Students should take advantage of one-stop early voting

One-stop early voting for the 2009 municipal elections in Chapel Hill will begin on Monday at Morehead Planetarium. Students should take advantage of the opportunity to quickly and conveniently cast their votes for mayor, Town Council and Board of Education before Election Day on Nov. 3.It is up to the student population to make sure that these local officials address issues that link the town and the University.

10/16/2009 12:03am

Not quite the Golden Gate: Proposed bridge over South Road is a waste of money; crossing guards su?cient to help traffic flow

Building a footbridge over South Road is a bad idea and plans to do so should be halted.The proposed bridge would stretch from Fetzer Gym all the way over South Road before leading into the Pit.Its purpose would be to ease traffic congestion on South Road and to provide students with safe passage to the middle of campus.But it’s also unnecessary, and the price tag is alarming. The final cost of the bridge will be roughly $8 million. The Board of Trustees should stop this project and direct that the $8 million be used for a better, more useful venture.

10/16/2009 12:02am

Another chance: Under new leadership, BOE must work hard to avoid blunders of last year, provide sound oversight

As the student body election cycle unofficially begins, the Board of Elections would be prudent to learn from last year’s mistakes.The board is tasked with ensuring all candidates follow the student election laws in the Student Code. Student Congress made a wise choice in approving Peter Gillooly to lead this year’s board. Gillooly has served on the Board of Elections before and will be able to offer his experience this year.Gillooly has also indicated that he plans to run the board very differently from last year. Let’s hope so.

10/15/2009 11:57pm

QuickHits mocking gun rights was not amusing

TO THE EDITOR:We were disappointed to see The Daily Tar Heel editorial board standing solidly against a group with whom they disagree, Tar Heel Rifle and Pistol Club (“QuickHits,” Oct. 15).While the editorial board clearly takes issue with the club’s support of our Second Amendment rights, the statement “We’re a little scared of guns” is ironic because the primary aim of Tar Heel Rifle and Pistol is to promote firearm safety procedures.

10/15/2009 11:53pm

Abortion debate was thorough and successful

TO THE EDITOR:In her letter to the editor yesterday (“Abortion debate did not address root of problem,” Oct. 15), Kalli Smith claimed that the abortion debate hosted by Carolina Students for Life on Tuesday was an inappropriate use of student funds because the framework of the debate did not come from a social justice perspective but rather focused too much on fetus viability.

10/15/2009 12:42am

There’s no place like home on the Hill

While talking to a friend just over a week ago about her Fall Break plans, I walked over to my calendar.We were, indeed, already well into October.My internship in New Orleans was already halfway over.I decided at that moment to take my own Fall Break — one home to North Carolina for an extended weekend.Going home for a few days made me realize why I love North Carolina, Chapel Hill in particular, so much.For one thing, it was actually fall when I crossed into North Carolina last Thursday.

10/15/2009 12:38am

QuickHits for Oct. 15

Nobel committeeThumbs downIn case you missed it, this guy named Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize last week. Come on, Nobel committee, if you like Obama so much, why don’t you marry him?Olympia SnoweThumbs upSen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, was the only Republican in the Senate Finance Committee to vote for the health care bill. Sorry, Sen. Snowe, Obama’s already engaged to the Nobel committee. Rifle clubNeutral thumb

10/15/2009 12:30am

UNC fans should be more active during our games

TO THE EDITORI know it’s “just football,” but in the South, “just football” isn’t “just” anything. And if your blood runs Carolina blue like mine, I know you’ll understand what I’m about to say.I had the great pleasure this past weekend to attend the game against Georgia Southern, my alma mater. But as I said, my blood runs Carolina blue, like my daughter and son-in-law’s. As I sat taking in everything on a gray, threatening day at Kenan Stadium, I was dismayed and embarrassed that so many fans had stayed away.

10/15/2009 12:29am

No time like the present to push for energy reform

TO THE EDITORI write in response to Meghan Corbet’s letter “UNC can and must do more to wean itself from coal.” I agree with her assessment that we do not need to debate the existence of global warming. A liberal arts university that prides itself on the free exchange of ideas is no place for debate.

10/15/2009 12:27am

Just because you aren’t Obama, you can be a hero

TO THE EDITOR: Columnist Reed Watson’s recent “love letter” to our latest Nobel Peace Prize laureate (“You can do good too, without Nobel,” Oct. 12) left me feeling all kinds of queasy. By his arguments, we should be happy that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize because his life is really, really hard.I mean, just imagine it! All anyone expects from you is to work obediently at a dreadful desk job for the rest of your life.

10/15/2009 12:25am

Abortion debate did not address root of problem

TO THE EDITOR:I strongly disagree that Tuesday night’s abortion debate was the “Best Abortion Discussion Ever,” as Carolina Students for Life advertised the event. I found it highly disappointing, although not the worst I’ve heard. What frustrated me the most was its central focus on the circular argument of fetus viability. This is not the most important issue, and any abortion discussion thus framed will get us nowhere. Both sides failed to address adequately why women seek out abortions in the first place.

10/14/2009 12:28am

Event will spur discussion about University Massage

TO THE EDITOR:Curious about University Massage on Franklin St.? We’ve all heard the rumors but very few know the truth. Join us as we learn more about University Massage and the implications it has on our community. Dr. Donna Bickford, director of Carolina Women’s Center, will be leading a lecture about the history, current situation and the effects this business has on our community. The presentation will be followed by discussion and a letter writing campaign for anyone interested!

10/14/2009 12:26am

Government is made up of greedy lawyers, bureaucrats

TO THE EDITOR: The column “You can do good, without Nobel” (Oct. 12) is abhorrent. In essence, it praises demagogues and megalomaniacs and consoles us in our averageness for not achieving their greatness. Mr. Watson’s “illustrious” Nobel laureates are all powerful men. They do not go to bed at night unhappy. Rulers go to bed giddy with insatiate greed and lust for power. Stop treating them like saints or martyrs. No one forced them to seize the reigns of the state.