10/2/2009 12:25am

Start up the bus: Try Transit Week was great way to promote and encourage public transportation in the Triangle

Try Transit Week was a great way to get the community involved in practicing sustainable transportation habits. Although the official week of events wraps up today, local residents should still make buses a favored mode of transportation. Triangle Transit and other local transportation systems created the event to encourage others to protect the environment reduce dependency on foreign oil and improve the overall quality of life.The weeklong program comes to a close today, but ideas that it promotes will hopefully resonate within the community as a whole.

10/2/2009 12:23am

Defend cyber space: University should work quickly to update ITS policies on cyber security in light of recent attacks at UNC

The University needs new cyber-security policies.Information Technology Services has proposed policy solutions, but they haven’t been enacted yet. They should be put into place as soon as possible.The announcement that one of the University’s databases at the School of Medicine was breached — exposing personal information on 236,000 women — makes the situation urgent.

10/2/2009 12:23am

Measured response apt: Report and response from Chapel Hill Police Department show competence in Brown incident

The steps the town of Chapel Hill has taken to investigate Charles Brown’s allegation of racial profiling proves that it understands the severity of such allegations. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People recognizes this. And it should argue the town’s report on its merits, rather than reflexively dismiss it. The report — written by Police Chief Brian Curran — details the results of the town’s investigation into the detention of Charles Brown, which the NAACP claims was racially motivated.

10/2/2009 12:14am

Keep Wendy’s away from UNC, embrace local foods

TO THE EDITOR:Concerning the possibility of opening a fast food restaurant on campus, I oppose. If this University is serious about promoting healthy living habits, how then can we stand by and allow administrators and food industry consultants to control our food choices? I know she has cute, freckled cheeks and a darling set of pigtails, but Wendy can stay away from the University. And Dave Thomas too, may he rest in peace.

9/30/2009 10:59pm

Before you sign, read the ?ne print

In June 2006, I signed my life away to Sallie Mae, one of the nation’s largest providers of private student loans. It was so easy. New York University informed me of how much money I needed, Sallie Mae offered me a loan for that amount and I signed on the dotted line.No one made me read the fine print, no one taught me about interest rates or defaulting and no one encouraged me to consider the future consequences of these loans.

9/30/2009 10:58pm

Celebrate our freedoms: First Amendment Day serves as a reminder of the freedoms afforded by the Constitution

A walk through campus today will reveal many students celebrating some of their most important freedoms.The UNC Center for Media Law and Policy will be observing First Amendment Day, honoring one of the amendments most central to a functioning democracy.The First Amendment guarantees rights that define America.Without freedom of religion, people could be subjected to a nationwide religion without the ability to choose their own religion or lack thereof.

9/30/2009 10:57pm

QuickHits for Oct. 1

Late-night UnionNeutral thumbWord is that campus officials are bringing a 24-hour fast food restaurant to the bottom of the Union. This is good progress. But fast food? So much for doing away with the Freshman 15. ECU 'protest'Thumbs down

9/30/2009 10:55pm

Jones needs to step up: Student Body President Jasmin Jones has been largely silent on major campus issues this semester

The Greek system’s relationship with UNC has taken some big hits recently, and we have heard from administrators that they are working to mend the splinters between Greeks and the University. However, Student Body President Jasmin Jones, whose campaign promoted the cultivation of campus unity, has yet to weigh in on the issue.Monica Matta, Jones’ chief of staff, stated that the Jones administration has not issued a statement because the University has taken a firm stance and they do not want Greeks to feel isolated from the rest of the student body.

9/30/2009 10:49pm

Granting in-state tuition status is highly unfair

TO THE EDITOR:Christian Yoder’s column (“Make ‘access’ meaningful,” Sept. 30) yesterday made me cringe. Some of his “arguments” are so typical to his point-of-view that I didn’t know whether I was reading an independent article or a compilation of all other pro-illegal-immigrant opinion pieces. According to Yoder, the state “must grant undocumented immigrants in-state tuition status.”

9/30/2009 10:47pm

Column argues well for making ‘access’ affordable

TO THE EDITOR:Christian Yoder’s column (“Make ‘access’ meaningful,” Sept. 30) on community college access for undocumented immigrants speaks well from an advocacy standpoint. Immigrants are part of our state and fill the larger portion of some important occupations.Latino immigrants cross to our country at great costs and live separated from loved ones.

9/30/2009 10:40pm

Article misrepresented Pi Kappa Phi’s new colony

TO THE EDITOR:Brian Austin’s article, “Greeks, UNC at new crossroads,” (Sept. 24), misrepresented the situation and men of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. As a re-founding father of Pi Kappa Phi, I question The Daily Tar Heel’s reckless disregard for the truth of the situation while continually marginalizing the Greek community. Although the fraternity’s charter was taken in 2005, it was removed by the national organization and had little to do with the University.

9/30/2009 10:39pm

Board misread bill about ASG delegate selection

TO THE EDITOR:Tuesday’s editorial “Don’t waste their time,” misread the Association of Student Governments delegation bill passed by Congress two weeks ago. The bill was to reform the outdated and unbalanced way we appoint delegates to ASG.

9/30/2009 12:04am

Cocaine offenses were serious, deserved coverage

TO THE EDITOR:In response to every letter to the editor for the past couple weeks that criticizes the Daily Tar Heel for giving a disproportionate amount of attention to the recent arrest of seven students or former students on cocaine charges and their pattern of Greek affiliation: I believe you should re-evaluate your claims of injustice. Possession and intent to distribute mass quantities of cocaine is an incredibly serious offense and should, in fact, be on the front page of any student newspaper for as long as the investigation continues.

9/30/2009 12:01am

Police focus on underage drinking a waste of time

TO THE EDITOR:In these tough economic times, it’s terrific to see that state funds are being wisely allocated. I can hardly imagine a better use of tax dollars than to sponsor an elite unit specializing in issuing underage drinking citations. Sure, per capita violent crime, robbery, and burglary increased in North Carolina between 2007 and 2008, but it is essential that we stop 19- and 20 year-old students from drinking alcohol.