9/21/2009 11:30pm

Congratulations, Carolina Latino Collaborative

The growing number of Latino students on campus have reason to celebrate with the launch of the Carolina Latino Collaborative. And the people involved deserve credit for years of hard work culminating with the opening of the center.A center for Latino students has been in the works for roughly three years, and after tough questions and meetings with administration officials, the project has been realized.The result is an official hub, located in Craige North, for unifying the many diverse Latino groups on campus.

9/21/2009 11:29pm

Curb your enrollment

For years, the UNC-system Board of Governors had indicated that increasing enrollment is the number one priority for system schools. But recent data indicate that some schools within the system have graduation and retention rates well below their peers. We’re glad that the board is now focusing on increasing overall educational quality.Pending approval by the N.C. General Assembly, state funding will soon be partially tied to freshmen retention and six-year graduation rates.

9/21/2009 11:28pm

Stop acting like children

Both sides in the seemingly never-ending controversy over Youth for Western Civilization need to grow up. It seemed like this debacle would be over when protestor Haley Koch’s case was dismissed. Then it seemed it would be over when Chancellor Holden Thorp reimbursed YWC for its expenses in hosting former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. But on Friday, brochures were anonymously distributed around campus, listing the then-YWC adviser’s home address — showing just how low the “debate” on the topic has sunk.

9/21/2009 11:26pm

Students’ study abroad cancellation raises concern

TO THE EDITOR:When concerns about Alyssa Valdez’s ability to study abroad were called into question (“UNC kicks student out of study abroad,” Sept. 21) she should have had a meeting with University officials — whether on the phone, Skype or in person. She should not have been simply kicked off of a continent. Being woken up by a professor in the morning certainly does not qualify as a formal enough meeting.

9/21/2009 11:23pm

DTH unfair to play up the Greek angle with arrests

TO THE EDITOR:This fall, The Daily Tar Heel has put a lot of energy into updating us on scandals involving UNC students. Four students’ mug shots were on the front page last Thursday (“Five arrested on cocaine charges,” Sept. 17) along with obscure details of each person involved. So where is Raymond Cook’s mug shot? Cook was a member of UNC faculty until Sept. 11, when he was charged with the death of Elena Shapiro while driving drunk. This story is of interest to anyone associated with UNC, yet we’ve been given very few details about Cook.

9/21/2009 11:20pm

From group’s president: YWC isn’t racist, radical

TO THE EDITOR:I was recently shown a flier saying, “Why is your professor supporting white supremacy?” There are a few issues in it that I (an, intriguingly, non-white, non-conservative person) as the president of the UNC Youth for Western Civilization chapter should address:YWC is not about white supremacy.

9/21/2009 11:19pm

Criticism of Greek system is misguided, often wrong

TO THE EDITOR:Monday’s front page article, “Crisp tells Greeks to shape up,” (Sept. 21) was at best a baseless attack on the Greek system.After the unfortunate and untimely death of Courtland Smith, UNC’s Greek system has been heavily criticized by non-affiliated students and faculty alike. What nobody seems keen to mention is the fact that drinking and drug abuse are prominent problems on any campus in our country.

9/21/2009 11:08pm

‘Mad Women’ and the pay gap

This Sunday, AMC’s “Mad Men” won its second consecutive Emmy for best drama series. For those unfamiliar, “Mad Men” chronicles the goings-on in a New York ad agency in the 1960s; millions tune in each week to see the staff of Sterling Cooper plan pitches, chain smoke, pinch secretary fannies and barrel unaware toward some of the greatest cultural shifts in history.

9/20/2009 11:09pm

Medicine to help with stage fright?

Due to an editing error in this column Hannah Thurman’s e-mail address was listed incorrectly. Thurman’s e-mail address is hannahthurman@gmail.com.The Daily Tar Heel apologizes.

9/20/2009 11:06pm

A mighty pen: Carter set example of integrity for journalists, citizens

Horace Carter was a warrior armed with a pen. The Pulitzer Prize-winning UNC alumnus, credited with taking on the Ku Klux Klan — and winning — passed away this week at the age of 88. While journalists around the country may remember Carter for this battle, the UNC community will also remember him for his kindness. Carter never forgot his roots. He was, as professor emeritus Thomas Bowers recalled, “always grateful to the University and to the department of journalism.”

9/20/2009 11:06pm

Tighten the bureaucracy: Student government should streamline Cabinet

The executive branch of student government has become incredibly bloated.Under current Student Body President Jasmin Jones, the size of the Cabinet has jumped from 40 to 55 members — a number that makes efficiency a near impossibility. Jones’ Cabinet consists of 18 committees and 12 special projects, most of which have multiple chairmen. The size of the increase alone is equivalent to the entire Cabinet at schools like NC State and Duke — with 18- and 13-member cabinets, respectively.Jones would be wise to streamline her Cabinet.

9/20/2009 11:05pm

Accessible education: State board right to support community college access for undocumented immigrants

The State Board of Community Colleges made the right decision in supporting the acceptance of undocumented immigrants to community colleges.The decision passed Friday and now must go through a six- to 12-month administrative process before officially becoming law.The new policy overturns an unnecessary and impractical ban that has kept illegal immigrants out of community college since May 2008.The initiative outlined three conditions for allowing undocumented immigrants.

9/20/2009 11:04pm

Wilcox should try to walk in stilettos and wear makeup

TO THE EDITOR:I always thought that the purpose of going to college was to get an education and improve job prospects. But Justin Wilcox’s column (“Don’t be afraid to look good, ladies,” Sept. 18) shows how wrong I was. I now know that I’m here to improve the campus scenery and make the college experience more enjoyable for “patrons of the arts.”

9/20/2009 11:02pm

UNC women already have enough to worry about

TO THE EDITOR:When Justin Wilcox wrote his column, (“Don’t be afraid to look good, ladies”, Sept. 18) it was obvious that he has never tried to walk in heels all day on campus. Let me tell you something, Justin: It doesn’t matter how well your heels fit, you will still have blisters and sore feet at the end of the day (and, in all likelihood, a broken ankle).Furthermore, where is this idea of high heels and makeup as beautiful coming from?

9/20/2009 11:00pm

UNC women not shallow enough for DTH columnist

TO THE EDITOR:Justin Wilcox’s column (“Don’t be afraid to look good, ladies,” Sept. 18) was incredibly offensive on several levels. Mr. Wilcox’s patronizing, sexist tone is infuriating. He asserts that the pain caused by wearing high heels is “an easy problem to fix.” Clearly, women are just buying the wrong shoe size. This is a ludicrous statement, not to mention condescending.