10/26/2004 12:00am

Just compensation?

Students are slated to vote today on whether leaders of Student Congress should receive stipends from student fees. The Student Code's Title I, also known as the Student Constitution, states that "no Student Congress member shall be entitled to a salary." But the speaker of Congress and the speaker pro tempore have received stipends in recent years, anyway. Speaker Charlie Anderson and Speaker Pro Tem Jen Orr have been offered stipends for their work this year but have declined to accept their checks.

10/26/2004 12:00am

Pointless exercise

Student Congress is set to discuss a resolution written in response to the Oct. 6 flag-burning incident in the Pit. But it's unnecessary for Congress to go into lengthy debate about the incident. It would be a complete waste of time. None of the state's laws need Congress' seal of approval. The legal system is doing pretty well on its own. Without any input from Student Congress, the law's denunciation of the burning of other people's personal property is clear enough.

10/26/2004 12:00am

Say no to stipends

Students will see a number of items on which to vote today, including choices for Homecoming representatives, special Student Congress elections and options for the senior class gift. There is also the issue of stipends for the speaker and speaker pro tempore of Student Congress. The Student Constitution holds that no member of Congress shall receive a salary - and it should stay that way.

10/26/2004 12:00am

Money creates equal footing

Today, students have the opportunity to decide fairly and finally whether the Student Congress speaker and speaker pro tempore should receive compensation for their service to the student body. As far as the referendum to amend the Student Constitution, this one is simple and straightforward - at least it should be. The speaker and speaker pro tem are elected from the 40-member Congress at the outset of each session.

10/26/2004 12:00am

Stipends allow best leaders at Congress' helm

You get what you pay for. I don't remember the first time my father told me this, but experience has demonstrated its accuracy to me, time and time again. I have also learned from experience that "the best things in life are free," but I've never heard anybody convincingly argue that government makes the life with the "best things." An education at UNC defiantly makes the list, but despite the guarantee of affordability in North Carolina's constitution, a UNC education is far from free.

10/26/2004 12:00am

We are tied together by the small, embarrassing things

When we were younger, our parents and teachers taught us about differences. Everyone is special because everyone is different. No two snowflakes are the same. Variety is the spice of life. They taught us to respect and embrace each other's differences. They showed us different activities, and we learned about different subjects. We discussed the differences between nationalities, genders and religions. Now, in the midst of one of the most significant elections of our lifetime, the focus is again on differences.

10/25/2004 12:00am

A sorry submission

On Tuesday, The (Duke) Chronicle published a column that has attracted national attention. Written by senior Philip Kurian, "The Jews" responded to criticism by pro-Israeli groups of the Palestine Solidarity Movement conference that recently took place at Duke. The column undermined the goals of both free expression and academic freedom through espousing plainly anti-Semitic rhetoric. Running the column demonstrated a poor decision on the part of The Chronicle's management in addition to Kurian's unfortunate judgment call in writing it.

10/25/2004 12:00am

All bone, no meat

Members of Student Congress have dedicated themselves to revising parts of the Student Code and to removing some of its most unclear, ambiguous language. But good execution is even more important than good intention. And in terms of its legislation regarding negative campaigning, Congress has misfired.

10/22/2004 12:00am

Screening for and detecting breast cancer early is vital

TO THE EDITOR: Think of October, and you might imagine red and yellow leaves and orange pumpkins. But what about pink ribbons? October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or pink ribbon month. As college students, our own health often takes a backseat to midterms, club meetings and social functions. But it is important to realize that we are all potential targets when it comes to breast cancer - young women and men.

10/22/2004 12:00am

The greater good

The success of Carolina North will undoubtedly play a major role in the future of UNC-Chapel Hill and the state of North Carolina - town residents shouldn't stifle the University's flexibility in ensuring the development's effectiveness. Although the town certainly has a vested interest in the form and impact of the development, it should be careful about zoning restrictions that could potentially undermine the University's ability to serve the state.

10/22/2004 12:00am

Lottery would be a needed source of revenue for state

TO THE EDITOR: How would you feel if you knew that your entire college tuition was paid for? Can you imagine how much money you'd save and the relief you'd feel knowing that the burden of college loans had been lifted? In light of the recent debate on the lottery issue in the election for governor, I am compelled to voice my opinion on the issue of a lottery in North Carolina. The lottery provides a simple approach to raising funds that not only could benefit education across the state but also could channel additional money into our economy as well.

10/22/2004 12:00am

Violence used to prevent terrorism is still violence

TO THE EDITOR: The Daily Tar Heel published an editorial Wednesday condemning the Palestinian Solidarity Movement for its failure to condemn violence specifically with relation to terrorism. But let's look at the actions of two of the world's foremost opponents of terrorism, the United States and Israel. Some would argue that the deaths of innocent Iraqis and Palestinians as a result of operations against terrorism is a form of terrorism in its own right.

10/22/2004 12:00am

Desperation moves

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. But it's been nigh impossible to explain that to the Sunrise Coalition, an organization in opposition to what would be the largest affordable housing development in Chapel Hill history. The 50-home scheme in question is slated to be built by Habitat for Humanity just off of Sunrise Road. At first glance, the project seems to be an inoffensive and extremely beneficial endeavor. One of Chapel Hill's major goals has been to increase the amount of affordable housing in the vicinity.

10/22/2004 12:00am

Choice means acting based on your own ideals and judgment

I remember when I found out that my sister was pregnant. My little sister. My dad called me at school on a Saturday afternoon and told me that he had some interesting news. I was intrigued, but I assumed that it was nothing more than some piece of hometown gossip. He said, "Well, you're going to be an aunt." And in quintessential Emily fashion, I said, "Oh my God! You guys got a puppy?!" Needless to say, it came as quite a shock.

10/21/2004 12:00am

Schools must give youngsters added time to run and play

My Uncle Bubba shot off two of his toes while he was out hunting. The resulting three-toed appendage on a 6-foot, 7-inch man was, to a loving eye, reminiscent of Big Bird with occasional athlete's foot. Speaking of shooting oneself in the foot, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District is on its way toward doing just that with regard to physical education.

10/20/2004 12:00am

Oversight needed

Correction: The Wednesday editorial, "Oversight needed," stated that a inflationary fee increase referendum will go before the student body next week. Such a referendum hasn't been scheduled. The Daily Tar Heel regrets the error. Students and their money should not be easily parted. But a new referendum to be voted on by the student body might do just that. Every student who attends classes at UNC must pay a slew of bills, among them the student activity fee.