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Tuesday September 27th

Law takes charge

The U.S. Congress was right to pass legislation limiting credit card availability to students under 21.Currently, nearly any 18-year-old can get a credit card. But after Feb. 22, anyone younger than 21 will have to show proof of income to obtain a credit card in his or her name. Those without proof of income will need a cosigner who is at least 21.

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Haven for dialogue

The Haven program should be commended for its role in educating our community about issues surrounding sexual assault.The program, operated by the Carolina Women’s Center, the Office of the Dean of Students and the Duke University Women’s Center, strives to provide information about sexual assault to students, faculty and staff.

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Make every vote count

Voting errors that occurred on Election Day may have skewed election results for Student Congress. Because of this, the Board of Elections needs to take this matter seriously.Some students were not placed in their correct congressional district and were unable to vote for their appropriate candidates.

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UNC had the right response to article

There has been a lot of conversation the past few days about what was wrong with the Sunday New York Times article, “New Math on Campus.” The story focused on enrollment trends and the gender gap at American colleges, and it featured quotes from several UNC students. The assertion was that there are social consequences when the gender ratio is not perfectly split.

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QuickHits for Feb. 11, 2010

Lil WayneThumbs upLil Wayne was supposed to be sentenced in court for gun charges on Tuesday — until he got it pushed back for emergency dental work. A root canal is the oldest excuse in the book, but who’s gonna doubt the Fireman?  Super Bowl viewersThumbs up

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Complain to make someone else’s day

I was in the hospital a week and a half ago. I had the distinct pleasure of being afflicted with both pneumonia and mononucleosis. While everyone was enjoying the snow that fell in Chapel Hill, I was restricted to a hospital bed, gown and all. It was in this rare instance that I felt I could justifiably complain about my bedridden-ness. But before doing so, I checked myself.

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‘New Math’ lacks insight

In his New York Times article, “A new math on campus,” Alex Williams intended to write about the social consequences of the gender ratio at large universities. Instead, Williams managed to chauvinistically suggest that women’s advancement at UNC comes at the expense of their relationships with men.

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Column: Never hang our heads for Duke

Last Thursday, I was perusing the Duke men’s basketball schedule on its official Web site, and I noticed something that, like most things associated with the Blue Devils, really got under my skin.The final score of their 12-point loss at Georgetown five days earlier wasn’t there.

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SEX 101: Be your own sex educator

The only thing I remember from high school sex ed, taught by my health teacher, who was also my driver’s ed teacher, is: Don’t double-bag or you’ll have to go fishing. Wise words to be sure, yet how do we expect a few classes of gross slide shows of STDs. And if you’re lucky, putting a condom on a banana, to prepare the youth for a lifetime of good sexual health?

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